What is different from passive autonomous house?

19.09.2011 08:15
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Most of the energy used to provide a comfortable life, is to maintain a comfortable temperature in the dwelling. Every year, energy prices, and hence the cost of heating housing, grow uncontrollably. In order to reduce them to invent different ways to store heat. In this context, emerged the concept of passive and independent at home.

Autonomous house combines technology Passive House, Smart House, and alternative energy sources.

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Passive house
Passive house - a warm house. To do this, do the walls with low thermal conductivity and triple glazed. In recent years, rapidly spreading technology of a warm house, using blocks of polystyrene for the construction of monolithic warm buildings. The technology provides a warm house a decrease in two to three times labor and construction time of the warm house. Consequently, the construction of a warm home costs more quickly. In addition, in a warm home heating uses three to four times less energy than conventional brick buildings. The windows in the warm house put those that guarantee a minimum heat loss.

Developing, the technology goes into a passive house technology standalone house.
Stand-alone home is not just saving heat, he himself self-sufficient in energy. For this purpose, alternative sources of energy - heat pumps, solar collectors, solar panels and wind turbines. Thus, self-contained house not only saves your money but can earn, dumping excess energy in the network.
Most of the life of a person spends in the room. Consequently, it is important to ensure a healthy climate in the house. This is currently assisting technology Smart House.

The advantages of stand-alone houses include:

1. Reduce the cost of electricity compared to conventional buildings by 90%.
2. Autonomous sources of energy for heating homes.
3. Irrespective of fluctuations in energy prices.
4. Extend the life of the building due to high technology.
5. Lack of boiler, and hence fuel tanks, explosion and fire facility.
6. Optimum health climate in the home.
7. Active warm house interacts with its environment, has a minimum impact on the environment.


lack of independent houses is difficult to find qualified professionals who provide services in their construction and design.

Price Autonomous House

Several large initial investments in the construction of a warm home quickly pay off, and the subsequent savings in heating quickly turn this disadvantage into a great advantage.
Many people believe that the price of an autonomous house is big enough, but it is only 15 - 20% more than usual at home. Certainly, at the exclusive planning, it will be several times higher.
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