What is cheaper - new or secondary market?

22.03.2011 15:01
Articles about real estate | What is cheaper - new or secondary market? As shown by recent opinion polls, the majority of Muscovites have no idea how much can cost an apartment in Moscow. Most experts interviewed dream about an apartment for a million rubles, available called the apartment for 3-4 million, but quite suitable for life - an apartment for 5-6 million. What to choose - a new or secondary market - about this and the rates of mortgage experts argue.

5 million rubles - a psychological milestone for the buyer's one-room apartment in Moscow. To such conclusion experts of the Civil Code "Pioneer" in its report on the state of residential real estate market. It should be noted that during those 5 million rubles Muscovite expects to buy an apartment "decent" area and in a good location that does not require major repairs.

"Unfortunately, the authorities seem to have buried forever the idea of ??savings banks with which the Europeans have decided their housing problem in the 60th years of last century"
Such expectations are rather relative and maloobosnovanny, experts say. Anyway, for such money to buy a home with such characteristics are not simply a great success and an unlikely stroke of luck. In practice, it appears that a good "odnushku" for 5 million rubles on the secondary market, which often begin their search for buyers to find almost unreal.

"Already, one-room apartment for 5 million to buy is difficult, - the VIEW-Real Estate Commercial Director, SC Pioneer Dmitri Otyakovsky. - The bottom bracket is in the range 4,2-4,3 million, but such objects can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are proposals to 5 million, but not in the secondary market. To date, the average price for studio apartments on the secondary housing is already 5,5-6 million.

In this apartment, fit into the price range up to 5 million rubles on the secondary market does not promise any miracles to buyers: for the money offered the usual "bar" in the sleeping areas.

Metropolitan realtors interviewed LOOK properties, in one voice say that over 5 million to buy even unrealistic "hruschovku" as a meter in them today is higher than 135 thousand rubles and more expensive at a rate of 1.5% per month. Perhaps the one-room apartment with the requested characteristics can be sought around the metro ALTUFEVO, "Konkovo, Medvedkovo in the South Butovo in Zelenograd.

The modern buyer is willing to pay for a one-room apartment in Moscow on 5-6 million rubles, even if the price / quality ratio is not in favor of the latter, experts say. This is due to a necessity: one-bedroom apartments are for visitors from the regions of a kind of "entry ticket" for the "settled" life in the capital. One-bedroom apartments and small-sized "kopeck piece" - it is the necessary minimum, which fits the average family with average income, subject to attract mortgage. As for the bottom bracket the cost of housing in Moscow, the proposals in this category, there is little, but that can be found, or has a number of defects or costly to repair.

This fact quickly decided to use the developers are still in the midst of the crisis were to reschedule a large apartment in the small new buildings. "There is an ancient rule -" if you want to be rich - learn to serve the needs of the poor "- said LOOK-Real Estate Consulting CEO of" Bureau of information support investment Viktor Shcherbakov. - Why build flat large area on the outskirts of Moscow, when the proper location will never attract middle and wealthy class Muscovites? All the talk about a better environment in the suburbs - is also a kind of utopia or a ploy to justify the inability to buy an apartment in the center. And the environment is bad everywhere, and no one knows yet where it is worse - in Kapotnya or Sretenke.

Note that the crisis has forced not only to build apartments smaller areas, but also sell new buildings are not in concrete, but with the finish, though not the best, but still one that is suitable for entry into the house after its acquisition, said in the CC "Pioneer . Private developers will pay much attention today is the mass segment of housing: in their view, the principle of "cheap - it does not mean bad, you can attract more buyers and therefore sell more apartments. This led to the emergence of a new format of budget properties - at the junction of saving and business class. A new phenomenon in the market became known as "comfort-class", and its main characteristic features are high standards of quality while maintaining reasonable prices.

It's also true that, as they say LOOK-Real Estate professionals market for us and this category is almost immediately "blurred", as it was before the crisis category "business" and "elite" housing. The cost of most one-bedroom apartments in the "butt" in new projects, ranging from 4 to 5 million rubles. In fact, today we are talking about what you choose - a more convenient location in the old house on the secondary market, or - remote areas and new houses. Prices there and there are about equal - the real estate market can meet the high quality new buildings and shabby "secondary" flats for the same price. But it may be, and vice versa.

Looking ahead, the experts estimate that low-cost apartments will continue to be the fastest sell well, given the slow income growth and high inflation. Apparently, the dynamics of price growth will depend on the speed with which developers will bring to market new objects. It is likely and the situation is that due to the shrinking number of new construction projects to the end of 2011 a deficit of cheap apartments.

This is directly related to the rate and reduce the cost of a mortgage, experts say. Since the second half of 2010, rates of housing loans has been falling, although they say even today that their availability would be premature. "The stakes are very expensive and not available to Russians with average incomes, although it is on them and they should be targeted - says LOOK-Real Estate Director of audit company Ivan Parnyshkov. - Unfortunately, the authorities seem to have buried forever the idea of ??savings banks with which the Europeans have decided their housing problem in the 60th years of last century. Maybe in the pure form for us and it would be difficult to implement this scheme, but this does not negate the possibility of finding alternative methods of saving for housing. Our banks unprofitable work just as do all banks in the world - to earn a little on each, but take a large scale. Our bankers are just like a lot. "

According to estimates of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA), in 2011 the volume of mortgages will reach crisis level. As follows from the report HMLA, experts expect that this year the volume of loans will increase to 640 billion rubles and ruble rate will be at the level of 11,8-13%, on loans in foreign currency - at the level of 10,2-11, 2%. "If you manage to keep inflationary pressures, in 2011, mortgage rates in Russia are probably the lowest in the history of mortgage lending," - said in the review.

"While this is only wishful thinking, and the rate of" 10% "- this is incredibly much, - Viktor Shcherbakov. - Today, the average mortgage rate in Europe is less than 5%, and it is considered high, and bears the "imprint" of the crisis. Two years ago, rates were at the level of 2,5-3,5%.

The fact that the Russians wore the housing problem - has long been known from the classic Russian literature. Today, as evidenced by these social scientists, only 14% of the economically active of our fellow citizens are satisfied in terms of housing conditions. 86% would like to improve them, but this population only 13% work closely on this issue. The rest do not have the opportunity. These findings are contained in the report commissioned by the portal Superjob Finmarket. To the question "Would you like to improve their living conditions (available living space)?" 73% of respondents gave an affirmative answer, but said they were not entitled to this opportunity.


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