What is a townhouse?

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This town house in England appeared in the 19 century, and in Ukraine, this is still an exotic product of the real estate market appeared only in the late 20 th century. Therefore, developers have to spend a lot of effort to ensure that instill buyers interest in such property. And, in fact: the country house does not seem like a small plot, barbecue grill, and dog nowhere to put the booth, again no tomatoes in the garden. Townhouse? But then, why so much space, two floors and a personal garage? In short, it is difficult to take root in our overseas product. However, by offering a nice price / quality ratio, the builders were able to popularize the unusual home. Today they are being built in suburban areas. However, back to the story ...

Origins and Reality

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Townhouses have appeared in the 19 st century. Then it was the "family nest" a prosperous population of England. With the English word "townhouse" is translated as "house in the town." Usually, townhouse - is a two or a maximum three-storey cottage, divided into several sections, each of which has its own separate entrance and a small private plot of land (usually from 2 to 5 hectare). Section townhouse processed in the same architectural style. Dignity of each townhouse is not only a spacious apartment for the owner, an area of about 150-300 square meters. m, and personal garage and parking place. First floor apartment has traditionally living room, kitchen and utility room, and living and working spaces are located on the second and third. All levels are equipped with en-suite bathrooms.

According to experts, today to be in demand buyers, townhouse shall have the following qualities:
- Good transport accessibility, distance from the city of not more than 15 km.
- Favorable natural environment in terms of environmental area, the landscape, the availability of forests, lakes.
- Security of residence: contemporary townhouses built in a protected cottage settlements.
- Advanced engineering and technical characteristics of the object, the presence of all city communications (centralized heating and water supply, electricity, telephone, Internet, cable TV and so on).
- Availability of infrastructure in the township.
- Free apartment planning.

Complexity of growth

In Western Europe and North America townhouses are popular in places where the amount of land is limited. However, in Ukraine, townhouses "take root" is bad. The fact that the townhouse was too similar to an apartment building, except that each townhouse has a private entrance. In general, all the same. Behind the wall will be crying children, barking dogs, noisy neighbors was late guests. Although, if done correctly and sound insulation materials used and quality, then this problem is solved.

Another problem of the domestic market townhouses is that this type of residential real estate has long positioned itself as an elite. Worldwide townhouses primarily designed for the middle class with moderate incomes, while in the Kiev region, according to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, currently the average cost of sections in the townhouse is 80 to 250 thousand dollars. According to experts, the main problem lies in the townhouse market is that very wealthy people prefer to buy their own homes, and the middle class - the usual flat. Improving the national mortgage system can make this type of real estate more affordable for middle-class population and will increase the carrying capacity of the market.

Potential clients and not just

Who will fit flat in the town house? Typically, buyers of such properties - these are people who want to create the illusion of country living in close proximity to the metropolis. As a rule, they either have no desire or no financial ability to afford a full-fledged country house.

Some experts believe that buyers are attracted to first and foremost is that the cost per square meter in townhouses below the cost of new buildings in the city, and this price includes let small (1-3 CM), but still uchastochek land. In addition, initially it was some kind of exotic.

Why townhouse cheaper detached cottage? It's simple. Cost of the village of townhouses is significantly lower than the cost of a cottage settlement. This is achieved by lower construction costs and savings of land occupied by the village. Therefore the same residential meters in the townhouse are 2-3 times less than in a separate cottage. Reduced and will be the cost of operating such apartments. In this village of townhouses has the same advantages as the cottage village - stand-alone utilities, infrastructure and land allotment for each owner.

The question of price and quality

Offers townhouses are in a niche economy class, and it a definite plus for this format. After all, it allows for a reasonable price to live in good environmental conditions. In addition, the townhouse is a profitable alternative to urban housing.
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