What is a land easement?

06.09.2010 01:41
Articles about real estate | What is a land easement? In accordance with the Land Law of Ukraine codec land easement - the right of the owner (or land) of land for limited paid or free use someone else's land (plots). Demand for its establishment has the right as an owner (who has on hand a sample contract of sale of land) and land users, but only if the needs of these individuals can not be met by other means.

Such needs include, inter alia, the need to travel on someone else's site, laying a pipeline and so on.

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There is also a form of servitude, as the right to build temporary structures necessary for the construction (of forest, building houses, decks), and storage of building materials. It can only be installed on a fixed term - say, during the construction period.

When maintenance of the building can be used, and other easements - for example, the right to divert water out of its land to a neighboring territory, the right of laying power lines and others.
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