What is a homestead?

30.08.2010 05:20
Articles about real estate | What is a homestead? In contrast to the fashionable borrowed "cottage" "estate" has ancient roots of the Russian (seated) and means the complex of buildings, representing a single entity in the architectural and economic plan. From history and literature we all know the landowners, peasants and urban estates, later - collective and state farms central manor. In modern construction there has been a consistent trend for the resumption of the term "estate" in its most attractive value - country house with ancillary buildings and parkland, situated on a large plot of land apart. It is the size of the site and its location differs from other modern estate of country houses and cottages. And of course, the appropriate size of the field permit to erect a more significant area of the building: if the 10 acres would be relevant compact cottage area up to 100 square meters. m, about 50 acres you can build a "family nest" area exceeding 600 square meters. m

As you know, demand creates supply, and today, along with cottage villages are built entire towns manor, which differ from the first only to large allotments. At the same time securely organized by connecting all the vital communications, which is much cheaper and easier construction as a whole. But those who are not looking for easy ways and dreams of true solitude and erecting the family nest in the bosom of unspoiled nature, should be patient and significant monetary savings. And, both of you will need. We will assume that you already got hold of the property coveted fifty hectare of land in the virgin forest near the lake.

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Of course, acquiring land in the forest, you are going as possible to keep all this beauty, because now you are its masters. If so, then it is advisable before purchasing a particular site to seek the advice of an experienced plant pathologist, who can assess the viability of growing trees out there and make appropriate recommendations for their further growth.

As you know, any building, much less building suburban estates, starts with the design, including a planning area. Regardless of whether you are going to breed livestock in the area, to arrange garden and orchard, or just build a mansion in a secluded spot for repose of the soul and body, site planning and zoning is a priority, which is referred to qualified professionals.

Even if you're not going to make drastic changes in the existing landscape, you need to take care of his health: to remove dry and damaged trees and shrubs to restore the-ground grass cover. In addition, in any case it is necessary to arrange places for recreation, sports and children's entertainment, to determine the location of outbuildings - garages, enclosures and other ancillary facilities to pave them the appropriate track.

Yes, and the location of the house on the site and its design is largely due to the existing landscape. For example, if the house will be located among the trees, the design should provide a large area of its glass for a sufficient insolation premises, rather than for a house, erected in the open. With the same purpose and to protect from cold winds should orient the house on a plot with respect to the cardinal, taking into account the wind rose. Of course, that the right decisions on relevant issues is not enough surface knowledge and better if all these experts will be engaged.

We would like to stay in the organization of construction in order to minimize the negative impact of the natural landscape. Strange as it sounds, but the trees are able to experience the stress associated with the violation of their customary late state. Especially hard tolerate "invasion" adult specimens. Therefore it is necessary to protect the boards of the trees that are in the construction zone, and possibly block the access of workers in the parkland estate. Well, of course, in no case be allowed storage of construction materials under the trees.
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