What interested buyers in the suburbs of Kiev?

10.02.2020 00:30
Criteria for selecting a country house change over time, especially as our real estate market is young and in the newest history of the country has experienced crises. Naturally, this affected the market in General and on the behavior of buyers in particular. o, what are primarily interested in the client?

Environment and social environment

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Buyer understands that his life will not be closed within the apartment or house , so more and more people are choosing a residential complex with a closed and a large territory . Comes a new trend - multiformat . During the construction of mini- suburbs consumer receives a new level of life.


Direction when choosing a suburban real estate plays an important role . Obukhov , Odessa , Vyshgorod direction can be called priority when choosing a property . This is largely due to the planned investments and the government's desire to raise the quality of the infrastructure here and life on the metropolitan level .

The availability of modern communications systems

According to the survey , a growing number of people are choosing individual gas boilers and other modern heating systems, climate control , communications, water supply, etc. This is a natural result of the development of the market - the buyer learns more , it becomes more demanding and wants for himself and his family the very best. Developer can only follow the trend and provide quality homes under construction engineering stuffing.

The presence of the architectural concept of the complex

Consumers pay attention to the architecture , they are no longer satisfied faceless home, devoid of individuality . People want architectural delights in the good sense of the word, but seek them at the lowest price . The easiest way to fulfill this desire , making a purchase in a new development with a sound concept. If the developer originally envisaged architectural concept LCD and its territory, such a complex would certainly be successful in the eyes of the buyer.

Value ratio and infrastructure fullness

Now the development of the suburbs of the capital inhibit high-level infrastructure is inadequate and difficult traffic situation . However, when the situation is equalized, Kiev region, already actively developing , will receive a new impetus for growth.
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