What if the public act of ownership of land is wrong?

19.09.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | What if the public act of ownership of land is wrong? According to the instructions on filling out forms, the state acts on the ownership of the land and the right of permanent use of land, approved by order of the State Committee of 22.06.2009 № 325, correcting spelling and technical errors in the public act is not allowed.
In case of a landowner (land) in Public Act spelling or technical errors should contact the relevant territorial authority of the State Committee with an application for issuance of a new state act, which reflects the essence of the errors identified.

The application shall be accompanied by:

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* A copy of the state act, in which an error is detected;
* Copy of round-trip landmarks for storage, consisting in the development of technical documentation for land management on the formulation of documents attesting to the ownership of land;
* Copy of transfer in nature (on district) boundaries, buffer zones, zones of sanitary protection, sanitary protection zones and special regime of land use, if any, are also drawn in the development of the above documentation;
* A copy of the document under which you purchased the right to land, it could be a contract of sale, gift, exchange, and other civil transactions, the certificate of inheritance, the decision of the local government or executive power, etc.

The new act of state issued within 15 working days of receipt of the above documents to the territorial authority of the State Committee at the expense of the body which has registered a public act.
State Act, in which the error was made in the issuance of new public act of returning to the relevant territorial authority of the State Committee and is considered tainted.
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