What if the building «frozen» ..

05.10.2010 16:30
Articles about real estate | What if the building «frozen» .. A year ago, buying an apartment in the house at the stage of excavation was a way of life: all the new facilities began to be sold in the form of beautiful pictures in the brochures. The popularity of such options is not a mystery: for the buyer - an opportunity to save money for the investor - to earn a higher price, which is in the process of building the house was at least 20-25%.

My friend Anna W. in 2008, long kept going and still decided to buy an apartment in the much-touted Redridge. The house existed at the time only as the foundation, but promised to pass it in 2009. Then, as usual, the deadline postponed by one year. And not so long ago called and said that the timing of construction delayed for an indefinite period.

This situation is now no surprise: The Internet is replete with messages from buyers who can not wait for the delivery of flats. Someone construction stalled because of the crisis, someone has not started.

In such a situation for the hapless buyer there are several types of strategies.

Strategy One: wait

This is not mocking advice and the very real tactic. It is justified if you are a client of a large company facing a temporary financial difficulties. As a general rule, if the developer has many years experience and a lot of handed objects (especially economy class), he has every chance of getting government support. The more often the problems of these companies are not connected with personal greed and short-sighted leadership. Sometimes developers are forced to stop construction, as banks closed down their earlier active lines of credit. Most of these companies (SU-155 "," Glavmosstroy "," PIC ", etc.) fall into the category of socially important institutions: the authorities would not risk leaving them without help, because otherwise the Moscow drown in a wave of demonstrations against new" trick equity holders. "

Large companies have a chance to recover faster than other bank trust, and with him - and lines of credit. Already this summer, news of the joint programs of banks and developers.

Bankruptcy giants do not benefit anyone: neither the government nor banks. Therefore, sooner or later, your home will be completed. As the old Taoist wisdom: "If you sit by the river long enough, sooner or later it swim corpse of your enemy." Another thing is that "sit" in this case, you may have a few years.

The advantage of this tactic is that you do not waste time or effort. Lack - unpredictable waiting time.

Strategy Two: take the initiative

Several years ago, interest holders of "New World" faced the same problems that many clients "Social Initiative", "Mastern" and their ilk.

Construction of three apartment buildings in Moscow was halted with no hope of renewal. However, owners of the virtual space has taken a very proactive approach: hold regular meetings, constantly writing letters to various authorities, organize rallies, tirelessly watching outside the doors of power. In the end, after two years all the houses were built: one for the city budget, the rest - due to new builders, found by the authorities. And this is not the only case when the activity of real estate investors has led to a happy finale.

Therefore, if you see that the situation does not move the ball rolling, it makes sense to take a cue from the frog's legs that vzbila milk to an oil and got out of the jar.

Especially that "defrauded real estate investors" no longer alone in their struggle. The site committee with "Housing. Earth. People "can find many other" victims of freezing ", as well as a wealth of useful information: from contact authorities to recommendations of the meeting. Now even if the State Duma a working group to address issues of investors and real estate investors, they can turn to for help, or even better - with their proposals to address the problem.

The difficulty is that the desired result (namely the completion of construction) can only give a continuous activity. Meeting and gathering signatures on letters addressed to the "top" - things are not valuable in themselves, but rather as arguments in future combat. Interest-holders require an initiative group that will deal with defending the common rights in effect as their main job. The only difference is that the wages they pay for it no one will. Among those same equity holders of the New World ", according to lawyers, a few people quit their jobs and devoted struggle all his spare time over the past two years.

If you decide to go on the warpath, you need to recruit a maximum of supporters, that is to gather as much contact your future neighbors at home and establish a permanent exchange of information. For example, through an Internet forum (which is how customers interact, "SU-155). At the initiative group more likely to succeed if its members will include lawyers and people with organizational skills.

By the way, all the papers describing the history of the house, photographs, correspondence with the company to assemble in advance and always have on hand. The need to more actively communicate with the press, the benefit of the fourth power is almost always on the side of real estate investors. Any action - demonstrations, pickets, meetings - it makes sense to do so will certainly echo resounded through the pages of newspapers, that is to organize regular mailing of press releases on the eve of events. All claims should commit to paper - in a clear and understandable way. Incidentally, before writing the president and other senior ranks, is to make explanations of "freezing" of the company. Then, when dealing with authority, you can more precisely formulate requirements and to appeal to the words of the developer.

If this method does not help, you should go to court.

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