What houses are being built today in the suburbs of the capital

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Articles about real estate | What houses are being built today in the suburbs of the capital In the field of country construction has been a gradual evolution of consumer preferences. Fading pompous architecture and huge brick mansions in the area of ??a half-two thousand square meters. Private developers now prefer restraint and to functionality.
However, changes in the segment of low-rise building taking place very slowly. Therefore speak of a clear trend experts are not in a hurry, although it also notes the characteristics of suburban housing market, which in recent years, particularly pronounced in the formal construction of the cottage.

First of all, experts allocate irrepressible urge firms of developers to create large settlements. Director of "cherry Mistechko Oleg Homa is the situation the term" mania for giants - huge area towns, incredible by the standards two years ago, many ambitious projects. If earlier in the planning of settlements dealt with dozens of homes and hundreds of homes considered to be something unreal, but now hundreds of acres and thousands of houses already in the order of things.

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Indeed, today in the Kiev region sold for up to two dozen projects for the construction of large settlements. Four of them - New Bogdanovka "," Sun City "," Olympic-Park "and" DeVision "- indeed grand, with a total area of ??hundred to four hundred acres, where it is planned to build a thousand homes. Another dozen or so smaller towns had up to 500 households each.

Increases not only the magnitude of settlements, but also their number. According to the director of marketing for "SV Development" Vladimir Stepenko, now in the outskirts of the capital there are more than hundreds of cottage townships against 70 last year. Are on sale about 2,5 thousand households in 42 towns.

Characteristically, in its filling organized settlements are multiformat: usually on their territory close to private houses appear townhouses and apartment buildings. For example, in the residential town of Sun City, located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area, the first phase of construction involves construction of 18 three-story apartment buildings with 17-22 garages and offices, as well as 114 single-family semi-detached houses (townhouses).

Demand for real estate outside the capital is growing. And the active construction of suburban real estate leads to the fact that villages farther retreat from the borders of Kiev. So, according to Vladimir Stepenko, to date most of cottage townships located in the 15 - kilometer zone around the capital, and few villages are located 25 km from the city. However, due to the fact that the search for suitable for large-scale building plot near Kiev harder projects already developed towns in the 40-kilometer zone.

In this sense, individual developers have an advantage over the construction companies, because to find the appropriate plot size of ten hectare is much easier than to get tens or hundreds of hectares of ...

- Suburban real estate market went into a stage of active development. Now there is a very diverse offer country cottages, exacerbated by competition between developers, - says Vladimir Stepenko. - A few years ago, sold everything that was built, today it is not so. Because developers are now more and more attention devoted to elaboration of a conceptual solution to their projects, a detailed plan infrastructure ...

Shopping centers, supermarkets, sports complexes, hospitals, schools and kindergartens - this is no surprise. Also, without fail, regardless of class town, it has a park area, most's neighboring natural or artificial pond. The consumer today is willing to pay big money for the property, but instead wants to get maximum comfort.

According to experts, the time when the twelve acres to build houses in three storeys, have sunk into oblivion. People do not want to overpay for the house, much of which they do not use. Yes, and unity with nature (and it should agree that an important part of country life) on a tiny "patch" does not work ... Because most buyers prefer homes in half to two-story area of ??200-250 square meters. m

Size of the house depends primarily on the alleged class cottage. If the town of "elite," explains Oleg Homa, the developers can afford to build homes in a thousand "squares" and the local area in hectares. But in the villages of business-class area of ??the house is on average about 300 square meters. m. In addition, extensive cellars, which were used earlier to accommodate the swimming pool, sauna and other facilities in villages with developed infrastructure is simply not needed. In the informal cottage construction observed a similar trend - replacing pokazushnomu maximalist comes rationalism and utilitarianism.

With regard to the architectural tastes of Ukrainians, then, according to observations by Vladimir Stepenko now especially popular classic Western European and US-Canadian style. In this case, to buyers increasingly important convenient arrangement of rooms, a sufficient number of toilets, etc. And here is deliberately fanciful facades and useless turrets out of fashion. But there is interest in the carcass home, glass facades, "termodomam" whose walls are composed of hollow polystyrene blocks filled with concrete. Prefabricated timber frame houses are not very take root even in the individual building, because of the lack of our customers' experience of operating such homes.

It is noteworthy that, according to Oleg Homa, construction of cottages near Kiev today does not imply a common architectural style in town:

- A single architectural style is possible only in case when there is a centralized campus building a developer, general contractor for construction is virtually impossible. Moreover, if we are talking about the construction of fifty or more houses, did not get home in the same style to make them different, and in typical mansions to live no one wants. Therefore, in large settlements cottages are usually very different. Such inconsistency developers downplay, dividing towns into separate neighborhoods, made in the same style.

What else can affect the architectural style of the cottage, it's the terrain. For example, in the village "Residence Foresters," which builds the company "XXI Century" near Kiev, the designers successfully used the hilly terrain, an organic "fit" the house into the surrounding landscape, and common in the general's home transformed into stylish alpine chalet ...

Quite traditional preferences Kiev in choosing construction materials. Despite the efforts of numerous companies offering a variety of new building technologies, including prefabricated buildings, the favorite remains the good-old brick. Moreover, according to Oleg Homa, in the construction of suburban homes while rarely used, even such well-known materials such as sandstone or cinder block. And because construction companies seek to meet the needs of the market, advanced Western technology almost nobody uses, although, for example, in the U.S. is very common construction of towns economy class from pre-fabricated structures.

- However, sometimes, other than ceramic bricks, "advanced" individual developers more willing to use aerated concrete blocks, coquina, and even a sandwich panel, - says Vladimir Stepenko - and for the exterior finish is most often used face brick or plaster, although gradually rising popularity of wood and stone.

The appearance of the cottages and in the local area campuses today is mainly influenced by the buyer. Typically, developers apply the scheme land sales with a mandatory contract for construction. That is a private investor chooses a site, house design, as well as he needed facilities on a site or constructing a sauna, gazebo, playground and so on their own after obtaining ownership of the land and house.

- In most cases, the developer listening to the private investor, although there are certain rules that were originally specified in the contract (for example, you can not change the facade fence on the site), - said Vladimir Stepenko.

Situation is somewhat different from the unorganized private construction: here you can find different ways of construction, finishes, layouts. Private individuals can afford to experiment with facades made of wood or glass, with a lay-storey houses. There being applied modern technology to due to a combination of different materials to achieve high performance buildings. Such experiments are not always successful, but they enable construction companies to assess the prospects of new technologies and building materials. In general, the rationality of the increasingly prevalent among developers, individuals. Therefore, says technical director of construction company "TMB" Vitali Vedmed, retail customers often choose one-storey houses with attic, with a total area of ??200 to 250 square meters. The advantages of such a home is that it does not take much space on the site and easily fits in 3 acres of land, which allows customers to buy land from 6 hectare and build a comfortable spacious home for one family. House territory ennobled at the discretion of the hosts on it can be like a garden or gazebo, and pool and summer kitchen - the unity of taste is not observed. Is that about low-cost houses often arrange inexpensive entertainment like barbecue, surrounded by a few fruit trees, and big names can afford a large swimming pool and guest house in an elaborate garden. Nevertheless, cottage villages, experts say, today constitute a significant competitive unorganized private buildings, and in the future this trend will only intensify.

Choosing a house outside the city, people of Kiev all first draw attention to its price and location.

- Today in the structure of supply in the market of cottage settlements highest percentage (almost 40%) houses sold at prices ranging from $ 300 thousand to $ 600 thousand, about 30% - from $ 200 thousand to $ 300 thousand, 25% of the market value of houses occupied more than $ 600 thousand, and only 8% of the proposals - this at home, not more than $ 200 thousand, - gives statistics Vladimir Stepenko.

The price of homes in cottage settlements today starts at $ 1,3 thousand for 1 square. m ("German settlement", "Lelechy Hutir", "Zadok the cherry"), the average price per square meter - $ 1,6-1,8 thousand. There are also more expensive projects. For example, the price per square meter in the cottages of the village "Mayetok. Perlin Italiї" starts with $ 2,8 thousand, in a club town, "Alexandrov Posad - from $ 3.5 thousand, in the village of Sun Valley" square meter costs of $ 2.6 thousand to $ 4 thousand / sq. m

For comparison, at home in the private sector in the Kiev region are sold at prices ranging from $ 1-1,2 thousand / sq. m (Makarov, Borodyansky, Brovarsky areas) to $ 1,4 - 1,6 thousand / sq. m (Vasilkovsky, Vyshgorodsky, Boryspil district). Suburban housing in prestigious Obukhov and Kiev Svyatoshinsky directions will cost the buyer an average of $ 2 thousand per square. m

It is obvious that the house in the cottage costing consumers more, but the overpayment is worth it. Organized by the village not only offers the development of domestic infrastructure, but also allows the client to not burden yourself with worries building. In what town provides security, cleaning, provision of services and it is becoming more important, allows you to surround himself with his neighbors, social level, while outside the cottage towns posh palaces might coexist with a small dacha. So the verdict is unequivocal experts - increased price is justified, and will be even more justified in the future, along with the increasing popularity of high-quality cottage townships and lower demand in the unorganized private housing.

For buyers important direction and distance from Kiev, the availability of suitable access roads and good infrastructure within the town and outside it, necessarily good natural conditions for a very desirable nearby natural pond. Customers every day willing to pay more, so try to pick the best.

The price of the house in the cottage now forms a number of factors, foremost among them - the land value, depending on the distance from Kiev, the availability of infrastructure and natural environment, as well as the prestige of the district. The purchase price also depends on the size of the plot and the house itself, the availability of local area of ??additional facilities, campus and class level of service in it. Affect also used construction and facing materials, but, according to Oleg Homa, usually the difference is in the range $ 150-200 for a "square" so that it does not matter. But the level of interior trim and, moreover, the individual client's wishes, his imagination and design refinements can significantly increase the cost of the house.

- Also on the cost of households affected by the shape of the site and ownership of land (public deed or lease), the purpose of the site (under construction, summer resort, horticulture) and, importantly, the profitability of the builder - emphasizes Vladimir Stepenko. So you can save the buyer on the finish, land improvement, additional infrastructure at the site - but not for building materials, the house should be constructed in quality.

Fast and quality construction, according to experts, can provide a large national development companies, banks, investment funds (including foreign), has a real interest in the market suburban housing, and even started some projects. And a hit in the next few years promise to be not pretentious and expensive houses for the elite, and quite affordable projects for the middle class.
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