What hinders the development of the real estate market?

30.01.2011 13:15
The main problem that will hinder the development of the property market in 2011, will be distrust of banks and private investors to property developers. This forecast was voiced by the director of the project team "Archimatika Alexander Popov.

According to him, in 2011, a crisis of confidence, as in the previous 2 years, will be the reason that the project will be a fairly complicated process, writes Ugmk.info.

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"According to our data, about 70% of companies are realizing the housing under construction, do not provide public information on their activities, making it impossible to raise funds", - he said. And in the absence of complete, accurate and regular information about the company's strategy, success stories or failures of banks and private investors are inclined to suspect the worst. Therefore, successful developer will be linked to the fact whether he can convince market participants of their reliability.

According to "Archimatika" in 2010 in Kiev at least one facility, the construction of 28 companies.
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