What health risks are fraught with our apartments?

14.01.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | What health risks are fraught with our apartments? Charles Gerber - microbiologist, representing the University of Arizona, conducted a study in which seven were able to establish the dirtiest household items in the house. It is learned that all dangerous to our health are not those devices and the things that we used to be considered such.
Surprisingly, the accumulation of germs on a wooden board for cutting products exceeds their number on the bow in the toilet two times! Microbiologist advised to wipe the board five percent alcohol or vinegar after washing to protect .

Home phone handset is the second in the ranking list of hazardous household items , and a sponge for washing dishes - "the enemy of health " number three.

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Shower curtain is arranged as follows , during the harvest rarely pay attention to it , but because of the humidity in the bathroom it accumulates many microbes. In fifth place - trash cans in the bathroom and the kitchen, which is recommended to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time .

The dishwasher , which is an indispensable device for many housewives , located in this ranking in sixth position at its door , as well as on the refrigerator door , germs accumulate huge set.

Washing machine closes the list . It turned out that there are microbes that survive after washing. In this connection , it is necessary in order to disinfect at least once a month to run a cycle with hot water and pour the powder instead of vinegar.
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