What does the market under the guise of cottage communities?

29.11.2010 09:38
What does the market under the guise of cottage communities? We live in a time when the city as a territorial unit is not physically have enough square feet for its citizens. This is a problem faced not only major cities but also small. Shall we talk about St. Petersburg or take, for example, another town, everywhere we see the same problem: today the city is simply nowhere to build.

Affordable housing - the notion of ambiguous

St. Petersburg is located in the ring of the Leningrad Region, Moscow - in the ring of the Moscow region. Which region will allow to increase the city limits at the expense of their territories? Consequently, St. Petersburg will solve their housing problems themselves, Leningrad region - their own.

Vacant seats in the Northern capital is not so much. Therefore, the development will be "inside" in the accepted concept of development and reconstruction of the old quarters, and the transfer of industrial enterprises from the center to the outskirts. In the evacuated area will be built new residential complexes with new apartments. Omit the discussion of the real usefulness of these programs, the fact that the closer will be built in the city center, the greater the concentration of people, the harder will be the already difficult traffic situation - this is a topic for another conversation.

However, it is easy to understand that the demolition of buildings have served well worth the money - is the price per square meter will be initially more expensive than the houses that were built from scratch. However, under the new buildings and the land is also cheaper. Plus everything else, every year the land policy changes, which also do not enjoy neither the builders nor the buyers of new homes. In this case, those who asked a similar purpose in Moscow or St. Petersburg, at least have some chance to solve its housing problem in the foreseeable future. They can not afford to buy housing. Another thing is that the question of its availability to them consists not so much from cheap per square meter, how much of the ability to buy a house: a mortgage, a loan, is a source of permanent income. Fly lab-housing, but "for five rubles, they will not. Residents of big cities can afford an expensive home, but it must be accessible by the process of acquiring it.

It is no secret that our country has developed a strong financial imbalance: 80% of all the Russian money is in Moscow, St. Petersburg - 10-15% of the money. Everything else - is divided among the regions. The inhabitants of megacities are in another state to live in a different dimension than the residents of the Russian hinterland. In the world capitals, where it quickly, where everything revolves, is accustomed to money, to another "step" earnings. Moscow, St. Petersburg and their inner circle have the opportunity to make a home purchase. But these people for their money already want to choose.

With regard to regions, they have more pressing question of the cost of a meter. Residents of the Russian regions do not generate money as fast as Moscow and to some extent St. Petersburg or residents of the oil fields. " At provincials no permanent source of high-income, no prospects. Sometimes - not at all. They need to just housing and such that will be really inexpensive cost. And this proposal they wish to receive more good credit program. Such that the income they receive, and allow them to survive and to recover the loan. That is, in the regions - other measure of housing affordability. Buy everything that is built, would be an opportunity to pay for goods. Kind of choice without a choice. But we are deeply mistaken assumption that choose to fully be the first group of potential buyers. Particularly acutely felt in these processes offers a country of one square meter.

That we should build a house

Suburban housing market and did not think "to sink". His proposal will be held on a real basis: people begin to move out of the city solely in terms of vital necessity. The city did not take so much, it is already live uncomfortable, and then (remember the previously mentioned situation with the seal construction, traffic jams, etc.). But, frankly, to move outside the city to private way - a way of personal investment in a favorite "piece of earth" - is almost impossible. Private investment is becoming less and less, because of available land in the villages there. Land in the settlements under IZHS almost gone.

Township territory trying something add on to their lands in connection with the development master plan (they should have done it before January 1, 2010). However, only a few towns in the Leningrad region have urban planning documentation, the project of planning the territory, they have done Poselkovaya trait and developed land use and building regulations. Because these tasks by 2010 the settlement failed, and therefore have no right to issue permits for the construction and allocation of land for a period of global efforts to develop master plans for them to extend for two years. It should be noted that the procedure for the development of land use and development - a very long and painful. Rare developer kindled a desire to get permission to build a cottage village on the lands of the settlements.

Understand it, you can: he must comply with regulations on building and social obligations, undergo examination by the project as a whole, successfully undertake assessment of projects, both residential facilities and networks, to obtain a building permit, to develop rules for the use, building regulations, which will describe Rules of residence. This is the federal law and he must follow. Output - a developer will be entitled to initially build and then put up for sale in the village with private habitation.

Needs of the market as a way of enriching

However, near the same village can build another cottage village built on agricultural land. The second settlement can even border on the lands of the settlement, will have absolutely the same functionality with the first settlement. One problem - household in the township on the agricultural lands bordering the settlement will be de jure, garden houses.

They will have exactly the same gas, is exactly the water, exactly the sewage - will become exactly that. Externally. And only the second builder knows his little secret: and licensing procedure for construction had substantially different from what it was he who built a private habitation. Yes, and to coordinate all these blessings of civilized life, in the second case, in fact, the developer had no one needs. Garden houses do not need to take, put into operation so as to pass and enter the house on the land settlement. The only difference is that residents can see the two neighboring cottage communities - is the availability of residence: in one it is, not in others.

The fact that the state had no social obligations on the cottages are very comfortable with the current developers. They are not interested to invest a lot of money and solve a bunch of tasks that need to be a state, represented by the municipalities. Builder to solve the problem about the lack of municipal schools, hospitals, roads, - large, unprofitable. His task to build a house and sell it to the buyer: but really it there and then sort out and with whom - his problem. Obtained an interesting situation: there is a loophole - to build on farmlands, and builders use it. It turns out that buying a home in a luxury cottage, the owner only comes into horticulture visually the new format, but from a legal point of view, he receives the same legal form, as in gardening, "Danube" or "Sinyavino. For more money, of course.

Maxim Krasnenko, General Director of "NevaInvestProekt"
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