What documents are required for the alienation of land?

06.04.2011 07:50
Articles about real estate | What documents are required for the alienation of land? 1. Legal documents (state act on
ownership of land, a certificate of inheritance to
Law / bequest, sale agreement, deed of gift,
barter, etc.)

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2. Extract of registration in the State Register of transactions
(As if the title documents - contract)

3. Help the assignment of cadastral numbers (including
if the public act of cadastral number is not

4. Help the lack of built-up on the alienable
area (in the case on the land
No construction)

5. The conclusion that the existing restrictions (encumbrances) on
use of land (provided Goskomzem)
if the purpose of the land - for reference
Personal selyanski economy, then, if this
Land is not a unit. - In this case should be
corresponding mark.

6. Extract from the database of the automated system of
State Land Cadastre (issued Goskomzem and
issued for license blanks)

7. Report on the expert money estimation of land (in
if a contract for sale)

8. Extract from the technical documentation of regulatory monetary
Assessment of land (including, if issued
deed of gift)

9. Passports, identification numbers of all participants
transaction, a marriage certificate (if necessary)

All documents submitted to the notary in the original.


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