What documents are needed when buying a suburban area?

12.10.2010 16:19
If we could overhear what they say the townspeople at the family dinner, we would find that with the onset of warmer days, this question is increasingly common. Indeed, it would be time already. Are children and spend their holidays in a dusty town? And my grandmother envious grumbles, as he watched a neighbor Friday night will ship in their Lada chopper and seedlings.<br /><br />That would be granny in town with his grandchildren! Yes, and by parents workaholics would be nice to at least the weekend to go on nature ... Here are some suggestions to those who are "ripe" to purchase villas in the near future is going to bring "suburban" dream come true.<br /><br /><strong>Looked. Loved it. BUY!</strong><br />Cottage - loose concept. For some it's a cottage in a convenient place where you can live in winter. Someone, by contrast, thinks in terms of "ares - six houses - old, prefabricated shields. His problem - a place where you can have fun poogorodnichat, zapasshis for winter clean potatoes.<br /><br />Gardener matter what the land that it will grow, and that - no. Often, even in a garden co-op, the price difference between the sections will be quite substantial. Just because one in damp lowlands, while the other - on a hill, or one is mastered, and another - nepodnyataya virgin.<br /><br />Someone who is not going to wave the hoe and dreams just about silence and fresh air, more interested in the nearby forest, river or pond. If the same task - to move closer to the city of your favorite mother in law and "surrender" to her grandchildren for the summer, perhaps we should think about buying a house is not in a garden co-op, and in the countryside, where there is a chance to register for permanent residence.<br /><br />And, of course, give every buyer will pay attention to two things: how he will get his hacienda, and what "benefits of civilization" has a house and plot. By the villa estate a stretch applied the concept of "prestige" and "undervalued" areas. People rather choose "their" direction - coming to a city apartment highway or railroad.<br /><br />More importantly. How far is the section from the station? What a road - asphalt, gravel? Maybe primer: if little rain - a trip to the country turns into torture? And where the water - in a well in the well or centrally from the local water tower? Can I drink it or just garden watering? Gas pipeline on the border of the site - great! But learn to deal, how much will cost to connect to it? In some areas, at a price of local services, it is almost more than the house itself, along with the land. Facilities such as "birdhouse" - happy? Well, if you are satisfied, we take!<br /><br />But! General advice: be wary of excessively cheap objects! It happens that the property has sold for a song has a "bad history", and its unit in a hurry to sell.<br /><br />But here you have found your dream villa. 1 / 1 here starts the most boring: the conclusion of the transaction and registration of property rights. My God, how many pieces of paper! ..<br /><strong><br />INEVITABLE paper.</strong><br />First, the seller must present a document proving his ownership over the land, and homes. I stress again - and then, and more!<br /><br />If the household is located in the village, it could be a contract of sale, gift, certificate of inheritance, registered properly, then there must be a certificate of registration of title to the house and the same - the land.<br />Harder to objects in the garden cooperatives.<br /><br />In 90% of cases the owners do not have documents on registration of ownership of the building - well, if even on the ground there! In fact, until recently, garden houses could not register. Now adopted the Land Code, but it is a mandatory requirement of registration of any buildings on the garden site - even an old barn! Only in this case the transaction is possible.<br /><br />In any case, regardless of whether it is a land plot in the village or in the garden community should be:<br /><br />* Cadastral plan and the information from the Committee on Land Resources of the value of the site;<br /><br />* A certificate from the village administration that this property has not laid down, is not under arrest, etc.;<br /><br />* A certificate from tax authorities, that the seller has no tax debts on the land and property.<br /><br />And in front of a garden cooperative, if the plot in it, the seller should have no debt, and then they will get to you!<br /><br />In addition, we need an act on the harmonization of land borders, signed by all the neighbors in the house - Help BTI and floor plan. A home in the village also help local authorities that the house no one is registered (registered).<br /><br /><strong>WHY REALTOR?</strong><br />Collect-all of these papers will be the seller, but you are sure you'll be able to check them? And to "read" the whole pile will be very carefully. In addition, not all can "deduct" in the papers. For example, the notorious "rights of third parties: whether the" forgotten "heirs, or even any legitimate contenders? Get this information very difficult.<br /><br />And if there was any violation in the allocation of the site in partnership with ROW or in the countryside? Whether any encumbrances - Do not pass on the gas pipeline or a phone cable? How is it with the whole deal, if ever the case with similar issues had not?<br /><br />Add to this complex schedule of local organizations that do not bypass the purchase and registration of the ownership problem. And there is also the queue ... That's why much wiser to entrust the selection of the object and design professionals, realtors. Even if it is "just something" about low-cost summer house.<br />www.https://nmo.su<br /><br />
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