What do advertisers: die, go into the shadows, change the profile?

20.11.2010 13:35
I would like to receive an answer from the esteemed parliament enacted a new Tax Code and the deletion of "advertising" for "edinschikov.<br />Work on a site. Profits of course mostly with advertising - about 5000 UAH. per month. Cost: 2 staff salaries -5000 UAH. Because now, promotional activities for edinschika be banned it turns out that instead of 200 USD. per month flat tax and a small% of the tax on tobacco advertising should pay 20% VAT, 15% income tax, 33.2% in retirement. Plus, this whole need to hire an accountant to buy a cash register.<br />Quit to develop local web sites and do for the states is possible, but current work in the region is still interesting. Is there a solution?<br />Either raise the price to advertisers the value of new costs or go into the shadows. Other options are not visible.<br />Change of activity "on paper". Instead of advertising to provide "information services to the site. For example, for the money you give the statistics of placing information on the site, advertising itself is free, ie no its like.<br />What would have believed the tax would have on the site and write - we provide free advertising, you pay only the statistics?<br />Either raise the price to advertisers the value of new costs or go into the shadows. Other options are not visible.<br />Raise much will not work. And so well that the creaking accustom people to the Internet advertising something to invest.<br />Write to the mind is not a problem. But there is a clear law "About advertising". Do you think this way substitute wording can get out and stay united in information services?<br />So, gentlemen, NC took.<br />Decoding "promotional activities" in NC no.<br />If you look CTEA, it turns out that advertising falls under the code 74.40.0 "Advertising."<br />planuvannya that carry out advertising kampanіy: stvorennya that<br />rozmіschennya advertisements napriklad on afіshnih pedestals, advertising boards,<br />y vіtrinah, demonstratsіynih halls, transportation zasobah toscho;<br />rozpovsyudzhennya abo delivery of advertising materіalіv chi zrazkіv; advertising at<br />zasobah masovoї іnformatsії, Way hour sale that mіstsya for advertisements;<br />povіtryanu advertising; zdavannya a lease mіstsya for advertisements,<br /><br />From the list of persons who may operate on a single tax, excluding advertising agents. This will lead to a rise in price of services, said market operators. In the first place - in btl, because in this industry among the largest number of agents "uproschentsev. In addition, from October to December has always been "the most hot" season to advertisers. This will also enhance the rates.<br />"They will now most likely, very hard. I can not even imagine how it will happen next, the series poredeyut, and prices for such services may be jumping. I think that the price of btl-services could rise by 20-30% ", - says head of the advertising holding Sergei Wenger.<br /><strong>Victor Kovalenko</strong><br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com ">www.zagorodna.com </a><br />
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