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11.03.2020 00:00
Choosing a country house, inevitably faced with the names of different formats. And if cottages and townhouses, all more or less clear, the mysterious лейнхаусы, квадрохаусы, британхаусы or вилетты can cause confusion. Let's see, than one is different, and what format eventually give preference to. For some reason many people used to call any private house term «cottage», using it as the opposite of the apartment. Actually cottage is considered a small, isolated, usually single-storey house with an attic on the second floor and personal plot. The cottages are fully equipped and support all communications, externally are beautifully designed. Therefore, in these houses can not only come for the weekend to relax and also use them for permanent residence.

Townhouse is several two - or three-storey houses, connected between themselves by the side walls, but with different separate entrances, front gardens and sometimes garages. Convenience is the fact that usually low-rise settlements are located far from the city with developed infrastructure and communications, and often there are schools, kindergartens, shopping centers. In addition, микрогородки well guarded, and wealthy neighbors are credible. Such houses are in great demand because of low cost, as an alternative to the apartment and cottage. To a large plus include a small private plot of land in front of the house, which can be used for Parking or for a summer barbecue. But the presence of neighbors behind the wall, and a shared garden without fences, can be a significant disadvantage.

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About five years ago, on the market there was a new format of accommodation лэйнхаус known among developers as a «house in the lane». As a kind of townhouses, these houses are also stacked in a row, have adjoining walls, but the main difference is the individual facade and large size of the partition - from 300 sq.m Network bright attractive outwardly houses create a cosy, West-European town with winding lanes.

Квадрохаусы - another kind. Such houses are one - or two-storey buildings, consisting of four families. Each section has its own entrance, garage, cellar and a small plot of land.

For connoisseurs of European classics in the premium class are presented британхаусы. The specifications are identical таунхаусам, but it is designed in English style, with the use of sustainable materials.

From an elite housing are вилетты - townhouses made in Italian style, with its arches and attics. Such designs are large, almost detached houses - 450 sq. m, as well as the presence of swimming pools.

Duplexes for several centuries already known abroad. Not so long ago they came to the Ukrainian market. Such houses urban class is popular for large families or close friends, who do not want to live separately from each other. While each family has his private house. Design duplex consists of two separate spacious house area of 200 sq m with two entrances, but with one common wall and the roof. In addition to the standard two floors in the house, developers create a duplex with a more complicated multi-level layout and add the ground floor. The walls of the house are quite thick, unlike townhouses, that enables you to feel full isolation. Also a nice distinction will be a bigger land plot in front of the house - to 20 sq.m.

The duplex can be a good save - the price for them is lower than the usual private house here unified communications and reduced the territory of adjacent land. Nevertheless, the quality of the housing itself, and the conditions are quite good, close to the cottage. Soon the houses of this type is more - it is much easier to build semi detached house than separately.
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