What discounts give retailers the apartments on the secondary market

26.11.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | What discounts give retailers the apartments on the secondary market At home buyers in the secondary market - choice and opportunity to bargain for at least 4-6% of the declared price.

In the summer of 2011 Andrew Salmin approached several brokers to Kiev with a request for his son to find a studio apartment cheaper than $ 50K. Intermediaries treated the undertaking Andrew with irony and immediately began to offer more expensive options.

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"They argued that the capital for the money to find something unreal, - said Mr. Salmin. - Then I started searching on their own. " And rightly so: he was able to still buy an apartment for which he paid 46 thousand dollars Notably, auction started with 50 thousand dollars, and Andrew managed to get a discount of 8% from the initial price.

As previously reported information and analytical department of real estate portal www.domik.net from 14/11/11. Quote: "Where there is demand and are actively views, prices have grown. Where the little display - prices have fallen. In particular, grew up in small-sized price offers accommodation decreased by three-room apartments of economy class. There is also a bundle of the market, depending on the location of housing. "

What to buy

I have to say: When you search for cheap apartments 9 out of 10 calls on the ads end with the phrase: "Oh, sorry, that option is gone, there is slightly more expensive apartment." This "little" - plus 10-12% of the ad were part of the price. So realtors "cling" a potential buyer. Notice of such methods and dabbled until 2008. But now it has become almost the main "trick", the majority of ads in the databases are located precisely in order to "catch" the buyer and bring it to a more expensive option.

And buyers really became more. In III quarter. 2011 on the secondary market of the capital each month sold about 1,100 apartments, which is 40-50% higher than in 2010 in Donetsk, according to the local Academy of Sciences "Zhilko", the number of transactions compared to 2010 also increased, but specific numbers not known.

I take this opportunity to choose and bargain, buyers have become much more choosy. Now the capital of the most demanded apartments in buildings no more than 5-7 years in Golosievskyi, Solomenskiy, Obolonskiy areas. Apartment blocks in the older buildings - 70-80 years. - Popular in the Pechersk district of Kiev. The most liquid of the capital's apartments are considered "unity" and "kopeck piece" at a price of 80 thousand dollars in homes built after 2000 in the suburbs and around the city center.

In cities with population over one million customers in several other preferences. "In Kharkov, in the secondary market are the most liquid in a small area of ​​the apartment buildings handed over, as well as one-and two-bedroom homes under 1980", - said the head of analytical department of "Proconsul" Victoria Karatanova. In Donetsk, the most screwed are the bedroom and other apartments of 80 square meters. m. Although the realtors called "Khrushchev" and "Dormitory" illiquid assets, such real estate continue to buy today: despite the high cost of the square, it remains the cheapest accommodation - in the capital can be bought for 35-55 thousand dollars

How much per square meter

In November the average price offered for sale housing in the capital of 1821 dollars per square meter. m. In the cities milionnikah price meter and a half to two times lower. More expensive - resort Odessa (1478 doll/m2) and Lviv, where the proposal is limited to new property (1424 dollars). Cheaper housing costs in the industrial cities - Donetsk (1157 doll/m2) and Dnipropetrovsk (1154 dollars). Most budget proposals has Kharkov (1050 doll/m2), which actively construct new housing, and where migration continues in Kiev and neighboring Russia.

And if the studios in Kiev, put up for sale at an average of 60-65 thousand dollars, in Odessa, the cost of "unity" is usually 45-50 thousand dollars, and in Kharkiv - 25-35 thousand dollars

Realtors say that the price level of demand and frequency of transactions in 2011 have stabilized. "After the 2008 crisis is closer to the fall of 2009 property prices have undergone major adjustments, and the beginning of 2010 finally stabilized. Since then, significant fluctuations were observed ", - says Galina Melnikova. Today, real estate agents talk about well-established principles of pricing and timing of exposure stable for sale apartments. Top-selling items to the owner agency promises to be realized within 2-3 weeks, and costly proposals - for 4-6 months. Of course, provided that the offer price close to market average for a category apartments.

Such relevant bargaining

The offer price, of course, does not fully reflect the real situation. Indeed, the value of the objects for sale, which falls in the statistics, it is often grossly overestimated. "Money" found that the same objects in the newspaper free ads migrate from room to room for 3-6 months in a row, and some to decorate the bands up to a year or more. Ads on the bases perfectly clear, as the owners interested in selling gradually dropping from 3 to 25% compared to the originally announced by the price.

One-room "stalinka" near metropolitan subway station Pechersk since the beginning of the summer of 2011 has already lost 18% of home value, and a spacious bedroom in the distant metropolitan area Troyeshchyna now offered at 15% less than a year ago.

The most difficult to sell luxury apartments with a "designer" repair. A luxurious two-bedroom at 100 square meters. m in a new home near metro in Zhitomir for 6 months. fell by 30% (70 thousand dollars). "In the early fall, I bought a studio in the heart in good shape for 95 thousand dollars, - said Denis kievlyanin Oleynik. - Next to a similar apartment with redevelopment, expensive interior and built-in equipment for almost a year may not be sold for 150 thousand dollars. "

But housing class "economy" often leaves the database of ads for a few months, losing no more than 3-8% of the declared value. The general principle is simple: more than the stated price, the more bargaining. For example, Mr. Oleynik when buying a one-room in the center of Kiev managed to bargain for about 10% (10 thousand dollars). But the budget buyer "unity" in one of the Left Bank of the capital, Natalia Kirichenko yielded only 4% (2 thousand dollars). The average size of trades in the capital of Realtors estimated at 5-7%.

Ready to bargain, though not as significant as in the cities. In Donetsk, according to the Academy "Zhilko" a year or two ago, the depth of trade reached 10%, and now does not exceed 2-3%. "In Kharkov in the III quarter. 2011 discount on the secondary market generally was about 3-9%, - told the correspondent of "Money" Victoria Karatanova. - And in some cases the price difference between the real deal and suggestions reached 10-20%. " The final size of the discount depends not only on the parameters of the apartment, but on the seller's desire to make a deal and the exposure period apartment on the market.


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