What determines the price of Moscow apartments?

07.10.2010 18:02
Articles about real estate | What determines the price of Moscow apartments? Called the average value of property in the capital is unlikely to succeed. Even the center of Moscow, where concentrated elite real estate, is very heterogeneous and costs. Sometimes it comes to the absurd: the owner asks for your real estate price in three to five times more than she really stands.

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For each segment of real estate there is a very real price peak, the formation of which is influenced by various factors. For example, for economy class, according to Alexei Shlenova, general director of MIEL-Brokerage, more important than utilitarian characteristics, such as proximity to Metro, the intensity of background noise, ease of planning, the presence of a large kitchen and / or bath. In the apartments of the elite and business class, which are spacious and have large kitchens and bathrooms, by definition, a special weight gain aesthetic and infrastructural characteristics.

For example, a beautiful panoramic view from the windows can raise property values by 15-20%. More expensive housing will be in the house with modern engineering equipment, underground parking, a protected area, located near recreational facilities and cultural and community profile. Another important factor is social homogeneity residents of the complex, the proximity of the house to the park areas.

According to Sergei Migunova, Head of Marketing and Development SC KONTI "if the apartment is located on the middle floor, it can increase its value by 10%, first floor, on the contrary, a reduction factor. Large bathroom with a good repair raises the price for the apartment by 5%. Finding homes in close proximity to the metro can increase property values by 50%. If the house is located at a distance from the subway (10 minutes walk), this factor may reduce property values by 10%. At the same rate may drop the price of an object, if not resolved the issue with parking.

However, if all these parameters between the housing economy and business class shared similar views can still catch a luxury segment stands alone. There have already been taken into account and architecture of the house, and the concept of the object, and the security system, etc.

The main difference is that the pricing in the luxury segment, according to Alexander Utochkina, research director at Chesterton, often based on subjective factors, such as prestige. Quantify such factors are not always possible. "In the context of the city and the fence a very important role played by location. Names themselves Ostozhenka "and" Ruble "contribute to the cost of selling a significant portion of the objects, because in these places formed an entire environment that attracts wealthy buyers - said the expert. - Generic apartments are in demand and more expensive (the price per square meter by 20-30% higher than in apartments without a beautiful panorama). On the other hand, projects such as in Granatny street are not as impressive species characteristics, yet are among the most expensive on the luxury market. This is explained by the fact that customers appreciate the remoteness from major highways, the peace and quiet district of the Patriarch. "

On property values also influence the technical characteristics of the home: what materials it is constructed, from which it made floor decks, etc. "Living in a brick house with concrete floors will be more expensive than in a house with hardwood floors or in the panel structure, even if located in the same area - gives an example of Natalia Rakov, CEO of the Academy of Sciences Great reality. - Important technical specifications the apartment: floor, ceiling height, location of windows, its state as a whole. The status of the apartment: a free, alternative, communal. Property that is sold to obtain money, will be more expensive than that sold to purchase another apartment. "

Rise in the cost of the project may depend on the particular factor. Emphasis may be placed on the location of the object (always the same Ostozhenka), or on the specifics of design, on how the house fits into the surrounding landscape. And somewhere important role played by the desire to accelerate the process of vendor sales.

With and without makeup

In the property market a beautiful package that is flat with good repair, has a greater chance of a quick sale. That is why all the realtors advise sellers to advertise before the sale of housing to make it, depending on the segment, professional, or holograph "makeup". According to Natalia Cancer, the availability of repair increases the selling price of the apartment, and the better the work done, the higher amount. But on the other hand, almost never flat becomes more expensive for the amount that was spent on repairs, appreciation amounts to only a certain percentage of investment. If we make the expensive repair in the usual panel or brick house in a residential area of Moscow, the percentage increase in property value is likely to be very low.

Pricing will also affect prescription produced by repair and some more options. "For example, in one case, made the classic renovation with costs from $ 300 to $ 700 per square. m. It can be added to the price of apartments from 30% to 60% of the cost of repairs - the expert continues. - In another case with the author's apartment renovation, involving a famous designer, ordering of expensive materials for decoration and overall cost from $ 1500 to $ 5000 per sqm. m can be added to the price of 20% to 40% of the purchase price. "

If it is a secondary market, in this case there are two basic scenarios. For economy class, says Sergei Migunov, availability of repair is often a prerequisite for buying, because it is the only human habitation, and he wants to quickly enter into the finished apartment and live in it. For expensive segment made repairs may reduce liquidity apartments to be a waste of money, which will not be appreciated by a potential buyer, since he will likely draw acquired housing in accordance with your taste.

Pricing anomalies

At the metropolitan real estate market price anomalies have occurred when the price of the apartment was not adequately inflated. And this was not standing any circumstances except the desire to landlord, who apparently thought possible when selling real estate to materialize any amount. "Last fall, one client wanted to sell through our agency apartment worth 11 million rubles., - Says Mikhail Razdolsky, head of" The October field "company" Inkom-real estate. " - Flat, this was in the suburban town of footage, condition, furnishings and layout of this amount will not pulled. However, to convince the client that such an apartment does not meet the stated value was impossible. The amount was specified in the advertisements, but wanting to buy a house for the money was not found. Some time later, the client reduce the price to 10 million rubles. And then to 9 million rubles., But the buyer has not yet been found. "

In 2009, there was a case where an apartment owner, a skilled woodcarver, asked for his apartment to 14 million rubles. "The apartment was really original: with a good European style, the walls were decorated with carved panels with images based on the opera" Snow Maiden "- says the expert. - But this property is located on the first floor of the Khrushchev era, located in Kapotnya next to the CHP and the refinery! Red price for such apartments, even with a good repair and the original design, not exceeding 7.6 million rubles.. "

Cases when inadequately inflated cost apartments located a buyer, are rare. For example, in 1996, said Michael Razdolsky, one popular Moscow artist put up for sale apartment for $ 1 million, while similar facilities cost $ 300 thousand Nevertheless, such abnormal costs have bought an apartment. The buyer was an ardent admirer of the artist.

Concentration place

Business class is concentrated in the Central District, Inc., CAO SZAO and SWAD. The most expensive items in this segment, according to Sergei Migunova, located in Central (from $ 7500 per sqm. M) and West districts (from $ 6500 per sqm. M). In SAD, SEAD and NEAD mainly offered home economy class. Depending on the individual homes to the average price (from $ 3500 per sqm. M) can be added to or subtracted from it 15% - a corridor, within which may change the price of real estate.

Luxury housing is concentrated in the center of Moscow, however, price dispersion is very large. The maximum value of the property recorded in the areas of Ostozhenka and Prechistenka. "One of the most expensive homes in these areas is considered a residential complex" Nest "(B. Levshinsky trans., 11), - says Natalya Rakov. - This is a modern complex of 25 apartments with an area of 150 sq. km. m and more. The house has everything for a comfortable life secured by the townspeople: underground parking, round the clock professional security, swimming pool, sauna. Square meter of real estate (with a good repair and furnished) is here $ 40 thousand. " Historically, that in the southwest of the center is always located offices in foreign countries. This tradition continues today: in only one lane Starokonyushenny three embassies. Security services provide the procedure not only in embassies, but also around them, so to live here safely and prestige. Residential buildings on Ostozhenka and Prechistenka little as free places for building. A ramshackle houses, almost all have or demolished or renovated. New buildings malokvartirnye so-called club houses. Despite the cramped building here managed to save green cozy courtyards, and this is at the center of Moscow today is a luxury. All these circumstances, according to experts, explains why such a high price for real estate.
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