What determines the cost of housing?

04.05.2020 00:15
Who of us or our friends once in your life is not faced with buying or selling homes. Whether you're selling an apartment, house or villa. Who of us or our friends once in your life is not faced with buying or selling homes. Whether you're selling an apartment, house or villa. And many sellers or buyers of real estate a question - what determines the cost of housing? What circumstances affect the price? Why is almost the same apartment, for example, are different? Yes, everything is very simple. There are certain factors that affect the property value.

The first factor that determines the price, is the location of housing in the city. Real estate in the center is much more expensive than the suburbs. This is because the center is more developed infrastructure, a more focused significant facilities for the public (shops, parks, offices, administrations, etc.). In larger cities, which have a subway, the presence near the house or apartment metro station as well affect the price. Although housing in the heart of this is not a significant hindrance. With regard to real estate in the outermost regions, or on the outskirts of the city, the situation is quite different. According to statistics, if the dwelling is more than three stops from the subway, the price may drop to $ 1000-2000. And in this case plays an important role to traffic intensity.

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The second factor influencing the cost, is the type of the structure and year built. Lodging in a house built before the Revolution, of course, is valued much lower, even compared to houses built after 1970. What can we say about the new buildings in which apartments are worth many times more. Likewise it is no secret that the flat panel in the house will give the cost of a similar apartment in a brick building.

Layout of the apartment and the living area is perhaps one of the most important factors determining the price. The cost of individual apartments and improved design is much higher than those that are built during the Khrushchev and Brezhnev.

Many potential buyers worried about the same number of storeys and the availability of the elevator in the house. The cost of absolutely identical apartments, but located on different floors in the house may differ significantly from each other. Usually this refers to the apartments of the first and last floor. They are cheaper.

Another not unimportant factors in determining price are the amenities, as well as the presence of the phone. Heating, garbage disposal, water supply, the presence of a balcony or loggia, the overall condition of housing, availability of repair. All this will certainly affect the price of the apartment.

Housing prices depend on the season. In the summer, usually increases the demand for individual houses and buildings in the suburban towns. Naturally the cost in this period is slightly higher than in winter.

So in conclusion, that the same important role in the selection of apartments, houses or villas is the state of the environment in a particular area of the city. The presence near the house plant or factory may affect on the value of apartments in the direction of lower it.
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