What beliefs and superstitions prevent realtors work?

15.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | What beliefs and superstitions prevent realtors work? According to various opinion polls Ukrainians - superstitious people. More than half of our citizens to varying degrees believe in omens and make decisions based not only on the dry facts. In a stressful situation people would like to receive additional support in the form of a good sign. A bad omen, which inappropriately turned up at a crucial moment, can sow doubt. This applies to many aspects of life, including such important things as the purchase or sale of property. It's no secret that real estate transactions are not for the majority of Ukrainian citizens commonplace. Typically, this is a complex and important event to which people are prepared for a long time , investing a lot of money , nerves and energy . But it happens that the final decision " on a whim " - under the influence of superstition and take .

Beach " Realtors - are clients seriously keen horoscopes , astrological predictions and other" star ups and downs . " Customers stumbled upon this Seller usually flee from him without looking back, not wanting to risk their money . Who knows, if everything goes wrong at the last moment because of the parade of planets or advice fortunetellers . Although the buyers themselves are not " without sin " in this sense , searching for an apartment in the parameters , understandable only to a narrow circle of " dedicated ".

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Another option superstition - lovers of beautiful date or type 07.07.07 20.02.2002 . Fortunately, it is not often possible to " catch" these combinations of numbers on a calendar . They come out of the situation by appointing a "round" signing the contract of sale , for example, on October 10 at 10 hours 10 minutes.

Buyers are often afraid to buy an apartment at number 13 or apartment on the 13th floor , and fear on the 13th , but this Friday the 13th , and even 13th year registered customers transaction.

In working with clients as a realtor encountered with traditional folk trappings of a black cat, so with more exotic superstitions . Among the buyers found adherents of the various esoteric teachings that when choosing accommodation guided by the principles of these doctrines . For example , some buyers are invited to inspect the apartment feng shui experts , so that they appreciate how the situation in the apartment is favorable for life. One of the most important factors in this "evaluation" is the side of light , on which the windows in the apartment. East side where the sun rises , is a symbol of development and financial wealth. But the south or west , in contrast, less successful direction as the sun there is on the wane .

There were times when customers do not come to the shows because they ran across the road a black cat . In our practice, met clients who called "experts" for the analysis of apartments for the presence of evil spirits. They treated us like to realtors to search the apartment and the transaction , and a final decision caused psychics. These magicians were in the apartment with special sticks , triangles , and frames his verdict , what 's apartment aura . If favorable - customers purchased apartment .

There were times when customers' demands were so strange that you begin to understand : most of our requests , needs from childhood. That's one of the cases : client the needed 1 bedroom apartment. It was about 7 hits, but none of the proposed options. Realtor already tortured , because he could not understand the reason for the refusal , all the time " is not ." It turned out that the woman thing when choosing an apartment - is the absence of extraneous noise , complete isolation from external stimuli , only peace. Next apartment , they went to see was in the house opposite the cemetery , on the ground floor . And she liked the client the ! She decided to buy it, even without haggling . Explaining that a child loves cemetery, appeasing atmosphere ( this is something near tombstones ) it just inspires.

Are there any " real estate " superstition ?

Indeed, Realtors have their own specific superstition. For example, there is a sign: when showing the property (apartments, houses ) first need to let the client. If customers are husband and wife , it is better to first woman entered .

Some realtors are also biased to the number 13, for example , try not to carry out transactions on this day. Although if another is not possible, transactions are conducted , and as successfully as in other days.

Of Realtors accepted that it is impossible to talk about the checkout her success, even if the buyer has already announced that he is ready to purchase and made an advance to what is called not " scare off " the client. If the transaction has not yet passed , and it is impossible to plan in advance what will be spent earnings .

Unusual Realtor superstition applies such a sign : the agent can not take off your shoes when showing an apartment , you need to wear boots, because removing shoes, man, as it gets to my house , which means that the object will not be available long .

Also considered a bad omen to return the money on Monday , otherwise the whole week will be accompanied by agent refunds and termination arrangements. Conversely, if the money came in on Monday, albeit a small amount , the entire week will be successful .

Realtors - are pragmatic people who live on the harsh laws of the market , the other person in this profession or not delayed , or not so successful .

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