What awaits the owner of the house out of town?

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You can buy land without a contract, to hire a construction company and build a house to your taste, buy a plot of land with a contract, selecting a gated development on the liking or ready to move into a cottage.

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According to experts, today about 65% of outsourcing contracts for the construction of individual residential buildings end financial claims of the parties to each other. In most cases, the claim makes the customer who feels guilty about the builders. A violation during the construction of houses permitted, which must be confessed, quite a lot.

This lack of depth of laying the foundations of buildings and engineering lines, poor reinforcing load-bearing walls and partitions, or even its absence, violation of technology at the device responsible building construction, lack of waterproofing the basement walls and proper ventilation, significant deviations from the size of the building project.

The reason is simple defects - lack the detailed design for the building. To obtain permission to build a house, the customer must be submitted to supervisors only preliminary design of the cottage - the facade, the overall layout of the premises, the basic design decisions. Against this, in most cases the design work and conclude. The customer does not want to spend money on expensive business project and its author's support, and representatives of the construction company promises to make any home even in his verbal description.

Colorful photos already built houses and preliminary estimates differ significantly from the actual situation on site. Builders overestimate cost of the works that are difficult to verify - This is the amount of foundation, excavation and construction, prior to finishing, but already built homes thoroughly Improved the editor of the site in Photoshop. On the problems and assumptions that have to understand their masters, of course, glossed over.

Even class home does not insure against gross errors builders. For example, when constructing sewage in a luxury cottage on the ruble, in the basement, where the project involved the arrangement of laundry and gym, builders stretched plastic pipe from the bottom corner to the opposite upper. Let's start with the fact that exercise and laundry company in the pipe is inconvenient, but it's not so bad. Builders that pipe does not sag, propped her plaque - eventually formed the deflection, and the contents of the bowl regularly came back.

Build their own country house some 30% cheaper than buying a ready-town real estate, but such savings is pursued only if you have enough free time, but the process gives you pleasure. Since spent nerves, time and energy overlap imaginary savings. If the suburban building is not your hobby, it's better to take the finished house, which if desired may be something to alter.

Limited freedom

Plots with contract a year ago were quite popular. Typically, these lands are in a cottage village with the same concept of building. Contractors offer a ready-made house designs in the same style of the village. Usually on the 100 homes offered approximately 15 projects.

"The advantages are obvious. Firstly, the buyer will not have to personally deal with selecting the contractor to decide on the materials and supervise the construction process itself - this will deal with professionals who have extensive experience in such matters, "said CEO« Renaissance Realty »Natalia Novikova. - Secondly, the buyer avoids tedious collection of various papers, he will be given all the approvals ready. Another important factor is the lack of long-term construction next door. If for some reason, some areas in the township will not buy over time, the developer will begin construction of cottages on their own. "

Lows in the acquisition of such a scheme at home too. From a legal point of view, the buyer can not break off relations with the contractor, even if the quality of the work he is not satisfied. True, he can control the process of construction of the cottage, making their own changes to the draft, but these changes will still be within the overall concept of building the village. In addition, the contractor will build the house, not as the customer wants, but as the architect tells the village that does not violate the concept.

"Restricting a lot. All homes should be designed in one architectural style. Area cottage depends on the size of plot: the plot of 12-15 hectare can be house of 300-500 square meters. m; 15-20 hectare - 500-800 square meters. m, 25 hectare -1 m - 800-1500 square meters. m - lists Natalia Novikova. - In some villages there are restrictions on the height of houses, for example, in the town of Florence in the Strife cottage can not be above 14 m. The fences should be permeable to the look and style should not violate the perception of space. "

No cherished fences, roofs and colorful additions architectural concept will not tolerate. "If the village is built on a single concept, the buyer has the right to make only minor changes to the project. If the land in the village is sold with contract, construction is at a uniform architectural concept and the developer intends to build up the settlement, regardless of sales, the buyer has no way to change the project - says Timur Saifutdinov, Deputy CEO of Terra Real Estate ".

Golden Key

Buying a home ready for the key - to furnish, furnished and equipped - the "quiet" option. "The demand for such houses is high, - says head of real estate PIK Oleg Tufts. - We already have successful experience in implementing cottage village, where houses are sold fully prepared to stay. This sale of cottages in the village of "Ship of pine, in the area Nikolina Gora Rublyovo-Uspensky highway.

According to Oleg Puchkov, today, many buyers of expensive housing does not want to wait, do not want to build, they just want to get the keys to enter the house and live. And to the windows - no building. "Buying a ready home in the cottage, the customer shall insure itself against the neighborhood with red-brick castles - says Timur Saifutdinov. - In addition, he can be sure that after the housewarming party at a neighboring site is not vedet backhoe or dump truck. "

Sales Director cottage village "Count's mansion" Vsevolod Borisov follows a similar opinion. - In our town house or a site ready with contract will be cheaper by 15-20%, and the experience of our company and the result will be better. It is clear that once put the entire cost of the house, not having it before my eyes it is psychologically difficult, but in this case, we have developed a special system of installment payments. "
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