What are the new buildings?

07.10.2010 21:41
Articles about real estate | What are the new buildings? Now, most buyers if finances allow, prefer to buy a new home. And rightly so: in any case, the apartment is at a relatively young building will be more expensive than its older counterpart.

But new buildings are different and are, respectively, in different ways. So what is different, for example, "socket" of the monolith? And some prefer home if you love the high ceilings?

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New Panel
Prefabricated house is constructed from panels manufactured at the factory - standard concrete slabs are fastened together.

This kind of new buildings to build cheaper and faster all, why it is so prevalent.

However, this house has the most flaws. Firstly, it reduced soundproofing: you will hear much of what is happening behind the wall, and, accordingly, the neighbors will know what is going on you.

Second, in panel houses are usually low ceilings - they do not exceed a height of 2,75 m. The fact that the manufacture larger panels and mount them is problematic.

Third, in panel houses the standard layout with bearing walls, so to arrange the room and the hallway so the way you like, it may be impossible.

Fourth, our builders are often stacked panels are not wrong, and how it goes. As a result, the field joints can crack plaster or loose wallpaper. And if builders do not have laid plates close to each other, you will have more and leveling the floor and ceiling. The final amount may be the same as the more expensive version of the new buildings. However, if the money for more expensive housing unavailable, you can buy an apartment in a panel house. We must pay tribute to the professionals: Now this technology is head and shoulders above what it was during the notorious "Khrushchev".

Frame-block new development
In the frame-block building bearing the function of the special frame in which are embedded blocks or bricks.
The main advantages of these new buildings - "breathing" walls, high ceilings, custom layout (bay windows, etc.). Also you can decide how to reschedule their own homes, and this flight of fancy will be limited solely to the area of housing and your finances.
By the way, the financial: it is one of the most expensive types of new buildings, especially if the walls are made of brick. Therefore, the contingent in their chosen relevant, in fact, paid per square meter, new tenants will have to lay a good amount on the layout and finishes that suit them.

Monolithic new building
Monolithic new building is erected as follows: First put shuttering, then it is poured concrete. These walls are very strong, they sit evenly and not crack, unlike, for example, from a panel house.

Advantages of such housing are obvious: a flat floor and ceiling, good heat and sound insulation, open plan apartments and spacious. Usually, a monolithic new building constructed for one project only once, so your home will be unique.
Lack of such housing - cost. Plus quality home is highly dependent on the professionalism and integrity of the builder.
So choose what you can afford and soul - and live happily!
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