What a man, whom by fraud was issued on loan?

10.09.2010 22:00
Articles about real estate | What a man, whom by fraud was issued on loan? Rrostobank.ua figured out what to do man, to whom by fraud was issued a credit.

Andrei Sidorov
Deputy Chairman, Director, Department of Legal Affairs and Financial Monitoring

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Bank: Renaissance Credit

If the bank makes you a claim for repayment of loan debt, and you do not actually contact the bank for such services and were not given credit, it is likely that there is an error the bank, or of the intentional fraudulent acts committed by "bad guys" using your personal data. In such a situation to make any payments, and thus repay foreign debts definitely not worth it. In a telephone conversation with a representative of the Bank confidently recommend to state their position and ask (be polite, guys were just doing their job) again to verify the information on "your" credit. As a rule, if it were a mistake, then at the stage of a phone call will be closed. If not, the bank insists that you are his client and you have debt, everything here depends on whether the bank's actions (calls, emails, sms, etc.) you are uncomfortable and are you ready to continue tolerate this state of affairs. Sooner or later the bank will be forced to go to court, where you will be able to confidently prove their innocence to the credit transaction.

If you are ready to take a more active citizenship, as well as to contribute to the fight against crime, to begin, prepare a written statement to the bank. In a statement describe your situation, provide any facts or circumstances that directly or indirectly support the presentation (for example, when the transaction you might be abroad, in-patient treatment, to perform military service, etc.). A statement and the original passport, visit the bank and ask for a meeting with a customer service representative, which the bank is responsible for preventing fraud (in many banks they exist). This is the most effective way. Whether a meeting or not, as well as its preliminary results, leave and register a prepared statement at the bank. In such situations, banks are conducting an investigation, often in collaboration with law enforcement authorities.

In addition, do not be lazy, alone or with assistance of a lawyer write a statement to law enforcement authorities on fraud and the need to verify this fact. Basically you have done - have declared themselves and provided an opportunity to law enforcement agencies to work in this direction. Their procedural task - open a criminal case, to gather evidence base, to investigate and refer the matter to court.

At any stage (when dealing with bank officials, investigators or the court) of your main arguments (evidence) will be the original passport and the results of handwriting expertise. From the latter do not go back and find the time to carry it out.

Andrey Ignatov
Head of Operational Risk
Bank: Platinum Bank

First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether the loan was issued on a fraudulent scheme. To do this, the client must contact the bank statement, which must describe in detail the situation, be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. The division of the bank authorized to conduct investigations on the grounds of fraud (usually a security department), is conducting an investigation. Requests all documents on the loan (made at point of sale picture the client has received a loan, talk to the manager, received a loan, and contractors). Is compared with the photo in the passport validity client with a person who receives a loan, signing the documents. After these actions, it is clear how likely fraud.

In the success of the investigation plays an important role attitude of the leaders of the bank to such situations. If a bank seriously to such signals, there is clearly an established procedure for receiving and processing signals of the signs of fraud. Points of sale equipped with the necessary equipment and software, debugged verification procedures for underwriting, using independent sources verifying, etc. Make sure the client should be warned about the responsibility for providing knowingly false information.

Practice shows that most of the signal is false or when the client had forgotten about the processing of a loan, or customers themselves to withdraw their application and quickly cover the loan, when in the course of investigation indicates that credit is made out of their immediate families (spouses, children) without their knowledge.

Alex Vuyko
Director of the Department to work with distressed assets of individuals
Bank: VAB Bank

If a certain person credit was issued fraudulently, then in that case it is necessary to apply to law enforcement agencies, as against the person committed a crime.

Not long ago, borrowers are often reported that they had not entered into a credit agreement, do not sign anything, etc. From our experience I can say that such behavior is observed mostly by those debtors who simply did their best to prolong the time evade payment of credit obligations. The bank usually can not verify the authenticity of the facts stated in such statements. If the borrower still insists on the refutation of the legitimacy of the loan, the dispute shall be submitted to the court, and, if necessary, the judge shall appoint forensic examination, which may deny or confirm the conclusion of the loan agreement.
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