Ways to attract customers in the cottage

22.09.2010 02:15
Articles about real estate | Ways to attract customers in the cottage Aggravated competition is forcing developers to suburban real estate to develop additional ways to attract customers. For example, one of the most unusual choices - to create a realizable village center of Oriental Medicine.

Feng Shui for sale

In June, the corporation "INCOM-Realty began selling in the village MoscowTibetClub. According to the developer, the project focuses on people, aimed at our own spiritual development and the search for inner harmony. The fact that a key element of the infrastructure of the complex will become the center of oriental medicine. In addition, the settlement included an art gallery, children's center, a fitness club with swimming pool at 25 meters, the palace of Buddhist culture, restaurant, children's and sports grounds, as well as walking and park area, made in the Oriental tradition. Village, located 43 km from Moscow Ring Road between Yaroslavl and Schelkovskoe highway designed for 78 homes ranging from 230 to 1.2 thousand square meters. m, aged in the same style and designed in accordance with the laws of the philosophy of feng shui.

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Experts call this a new trend in marketing the country real estate. According to the Managing Director of «Century 21 West Eugene Skomorovsky, before developers are mainly offering customers gift. Thus, the company "Best Consulting in 2008, provides interest-free installment plan and design project as a gift. And in complex Velich "gave a club card" Velich Country Club », allowed to attend all the sports, entertainment and recreational facilities. Now replace the discount cards and travel certificates came to villages in the style of feng shui. However, the fact we are still talking about a non-standard marketing.

Main assumptions

"In recent years, the town market, especially in business class, has tightened competition, and developers to attract buyers were led to the sale of estates, which differ from the bulk. You can select more than one major group - the head of department on work with the owners of "Terra Real Estate" Julie Sinyurina. - First - villages of interest, which provides for yachting, fishing, horse riding, etc. A striking example - Pestovo on the shore of the reservoir Pestovskoye (22-th km of the Dmitrov highway). There is a yacht club, 1,5 km beautiful beaches, sports equipment is available. The complex is popular enough, sales are nearing completion. The second group - the union of professional interests. A good example of this approach - implemented by Gazprombank, in tandem with the management company "Height" project "Club 20'71", where the quarters were occupied by professional affiliation: bankers, oilmen, builders. The third group can be identified thematic villages, where the emphasis is on the traditions of various countries. The basic concept here is to create a unique complex, according to their functional characteristics meets all modern requirements for comfort of living, but it evolved out of a total number of original architecture and lay-out. " It is the latter group can be attributed to the centers of towns and oriental medicine.

However, some experts refer to such ideas with skepticism. "Every project is trying to stand out, but people need basic infrastructure: the shop, good security, pharmacy, nursery, etc., - says head of sales of" Silver Horseshoe "Dmitry Vlasov. - In the village you can pave the dirt roads or throw plates, and can be done profile of the road within 17 meters of asphalt, sidewalks, curbs and storm sewers, as we have. It is important not name, and filling. To organize a specialized medical center outside the city hard - it should deal with a company profile, and not the builder. " "When a developer tries to create the atmosphere of the town of any country, under development master plan, which uses the characteristic settlement system, prepared the draft of homes in a particular architectural style, think the internal improvement. In the well-established concept great attention to detail, in the same style withstand all the elements - from the curb and sidewalk tiles to lamps and fences on the border areas ", - says Yuri Sinyurina. However, in general, she said, developers do not modify the list of functional objects and their contents directly in line with the peculiarities of the selected state.

Prospects format

"These villages attract customers interested in an original architectural design of future homes. And it will not necessarily be a man is deceived by the country. The majority of these complexes are targeted at people who aspire to the individualization of their own homes, the originality of its execution ", - says Yuri Sinyurina. From existing settlements can be identified "Europe" on Ilyinsky highway - 96 houses, made in European style, "Little Italy" (Novorizhskoe highway, 15 km from Moscow), which shows the villas and Villette; Les 4 Chauteaux and "Deauville" (Minsk highway ) in the French style, "Nikolino (Rublevo Uspenskoe highway, 26 km from Moscow), combining common concept in several European styles.

"The complexes of interest, as a rule, presuppose the existence of a special infrastructure, and this has attracted its own type of people who are comfortable doing things you love, a hobby close to home rather than spend time on trips to special places. Therefore, the demand for such facilities is high, but limited - continues Sinyurina Yu. - If you compare two similar settlement - plain and themed, then certainly at home in the latter would be a bit expensive. In this case, the operation will leave more funds that will significantly increase the monthly cost of the villagers. " CEO of Real Estate Service "Pavel Karasev also believes that, despite the periodic appearance of such projects, they are not widely popular name:" The infrastructure costs of adding people, even if it is largely self-sustaining. In addition, it is most often affects the value of homes. " "Add a unusual" option "value of the settlement - decides to have a client. He either takes or does not, and there is a center of alternative medicine is not the deciding factor when choosing "- said in his turn, Vlasov. In any case, said Yu Sinyurina, buyers of such real estate - people are generally rich with innovative thinking, tired of routine, and such a house is not their first acquisition in the country market.
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