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15.12.2010 17:18
Articles about real estate | VTB covers new ground VTB launching a project to develop 1200 hectares of land on the Rublyovo-Uspensky highway, in the crisis passed into the ownership of the bank after the realization of collateral on the loan, "OPK Development,"the senator from Tuva, Sergei Pugachev. As the "Y", to this end, the state bank to create a closed-end mutual fund (CUIT), which may be the largest in Russia by assets. According to expert estimates, these lands are now worth $ 1,2-2,4 billion on them VTB plans to build several villa communities with housing stock of about 500 thousand square meters. m, claiming about 15% of the market.

The fact that VTB creates CUIT to the development of the former land "OPK Development", "b" said senior vice president of the bank's Paul Kosovo. "CUIT - more convenient form for such a project. Now a fund is in the process dosoglasovaniya, within the nearest time we will finish his creation," - he told Kommersant, adding that all units of the FTRA will belong to the VTB. Assess the value of the assets the fund, Mr. Kosov refused, saying that "while talking about it prematurely."

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Total ownership VTB moved ten acres in the area Rublevo Assumption highway a total area of 1200 hectares. These lands structure DIC UAB "Field" and CJSC "Plescheevo" mean in 2002-2003 (they previously belonged to the Moscow plant and equine farm "Leninsky ray, who several times tried unsuccessfully to challenge the alienation of 347 hectares in the courts). In this territory structure Pugacheva planned to build about 1 million square feet. m real estate, but in 2008, DIC has laid these sites under the VTB loan $ 2.4 billion in early 2009, the loan has come margin calls, and 10 July last year, the parties signed an agreement to complete early repayment of its due to the transfer of all land VTB "OPK Development."

According to Kommersant, Pavel Kosov, VTB has developed a concept of development of these lands, based on the principles of zoning. "We offer three different approaches to implementing and developing these areas. First, the complex development of the territory on a turnkey basis with the creation of the entire infrastructure, and secondly, the sale of individual land parcels and, thirdly, the sale of plots with painted communications. In the near future will come to market with the project at first site "- told Kommersant, Mr. Kosov, declined to specify exactly where it is located.

With regard to plans for the construction of cottage settlements, the VTB, he said, is going to build up about half of them former Pugachov land. In this part of the settlement will be classified as premium, and some - in business class. Total VTB, said Pavel Kosov, plans to build about 500 thousand square meters. m of residential areas, resulting in the bank will take approximately 15% of the market outside Moscow. "Who will build, will be defined later. Terms of contractors will be determined during the tender", - explained to Kommersant's senior manager of VTB.

According to the director of marketing for Absolut Management "by Anna Shishkina, the market value of 1200 ha, owned VTB, is $ 1,8-2,4 billion (estimated at $ 15-20 thousand sq.m.). "The minimum investment in the construction of 500 thousand square meters. M of housing taking into account the summing up of communications will be about $ 650 million (estimated $ 1300 per square meter. M). But in the case of cottages premium price can increase substantially," - said Ms. Shishkin. Director, Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov said that VTB has received land DIC at the rate of $ 20 thousand sq.m., however, in his view, this cost is too high, and the real market price of these lands is $ 10-12 thousand sq.m. ( ie $ 1,2-1,5 billion) if they will be sold to small surplus for several years.

"500 thousand square meters. M - about 1000 houses. Now based Penny Lane Realty 6000 active offers around the Moscow area of about 3,000,000 square meters. M, which is nearly half of all the objects for sale. It turns out that the settlements from VTB 500-sq. m will take about 7-8% of the suburban Moscow market ", - says Dmitry Tsvetkov. He doubts that the market will be ready to swallow a number of real estate on Rublevsky highway. "The capacity of the route, especially for" gorkinskim "traffic lights, and so is quite low, and if we increase the traffic flow twice, then Ruble just get up" - fears Dmitry Tsvetkov.

Based on the area of land transferred to VTB CUIT not even enter one of the largest fund-zemlevladetsev. So, CUIT Region Land Fund (UK Region Development ") owns 16.2 hectares of cultivated farmland (value - 120 mln.) CUIT Kazan Land Investment Fund (Asset Management AS Management) - about 16 Thousands of hectares of agricultural land and land settlements (21 billion rubles.) CUIT "Capital investment" (UK Binbanka) - 10,2 thousand ha of cultivated agricultural land (440 million rubles.). However, taking into account expert estimates the value of the former land Pugachov CUIT VTB has all chances to become the largest by value of the assets transferred. Thus, the net assets of the current market leader CUIT Kazan land investment fund are only 21 billion rubles. ($ 680 million).

Elena Kiseleva, Margarita Fedorova, Dmitry Ladygin

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