VTB Bank lowers interest rates on mortgage loans

06.02.2012 13:27
Articles about real estate | VTB Bank lowers interest rates on mortgage loans On February 6, 2012 VTB Bank lowers interest rates on mortgage loans for purchase of apartments, as well as resumes lending for consumer loans secured by real estate. Fixed interest rate for the purchase of flats in multi-family homes for up to 20 years range from 19.0% to 19.5% pa floating - from 18.43% to 18.93% per annum. The interest rate depends on the size of the borrower's down payment (the minimum down payment - 30% of market value).

The maximum loan amount for renewed lending programs for consumer mortgages up to 50%, fixed interest rate - 21.5% pa floating - 20.93% per annum.

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"In addition, we offer loans for the payment of the cost of real estate transactions in the implementation of the exchange of real estate for 20 years. Fixed interest rate on such programs - 19.0% per annum, floating - 18.43% per annum. The maximum loan amount is 50% of market value, which is offered in the mortgage bank ", - said Head of the mortgage, Alexander Borsevici.

At the end of 2011 VTB Bank expanded range of credit conditions in connection with the introduction of a variable ("floating") interest rate. The use of "floating" interest rate allows customers to get a mortgage with a lower interest rate than fixed. The calculation of the variable interest rate is transparent, because the value used to calculate the Ukrainian index rates on deposits of individuals. The size of the "floating" interest rate is reviewed annually and will be reduced by the bank in case of decreasing the Ukrainian index rates on deposits of individuals.

Early repayment under the mortgage shall be without penalty. When you contact the Department of VTB Bank employees will help customers determine the amount and term of the loan, the client will be able to serve, based on the size of their income. VTB Bank also offers the possibility of establishing a potential borrower credit limit (the maximum loan amount) based on an analysis of its solvency. Because of this, starting the search of housing, the client already knows the amount that the Bank is ready to grant him, and requirements for real estate.
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