VTB Bank has summed up the first results of mortgage lending

08.10.2010 17:42
Articles about real estate | VTB Bank has summed up the first results of mortgage lending VTB Bank sums up the three-month work resumed their mortgage lending programs.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Board Nicholas Suganyaki the monthly number of applications for mortgages doubled. If we talk about the distribution of the new mortgage portfolio by product, then the credits for the purchase of real estate given almost as much as consumer loans secured by residential real estate.

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"Buy a flat and consumer loans secured by real estate today to enjoy the same demand. We are pleased with the growing share of mortgage lending in the loan portfolio. We plan to further expand mortgage product line to increase its presence in the mortgage market ", - said Nikolai Suganyaka.

Parameters of mortgage products from VTB Bank are among the best on the market of Ukraine. The maximum loan term purchase of flats in apartment buildings - 20 years, the interest rate of 18% per annum. Both timing and interest rate depend on the size of the initial contribution to the value of the property. For an initial payment of 30% of the cost of purchased housing loan term is 10 years, the rate - 19,0% per annum for 40% - 15 years and 18,5% per annum for 50% - 20 years and 18,0% pa respectively. Loan currency - grivna, one-time fee for the issuance of the loan is 2%.

The maximum loan term for consumer needs bail residential real estate is 7 years, the percentage headed Duck - 21,0% annual, one-time fee for the issuance of credit - 2%.

When you contact the bank branch staff VTB will help the client to determine the amount and term of the loan, which the client will be able to serve, based on the amount of their income. In this case, early repayment is not subject to penalties.

Recall that in July 2010, VTB Bank resumed its lending programs for housing purchase, dofinansirovanie in exchange for a fee when their own stocks is not enough to improve housing conditions, and consumer loans secured by residential real estate.
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