Vozdvizhenka: a dead city residents drove

01.09.2010 17:43
Articles about real estate | Vozdvizhenka: a dead city residents drove Cottage town of millionaires "Vozdvizhenka, next to St. Andrew's descent, comes to life. Recently, in housing, the minimum cost of approximately $ 250 thousand, while the maximum - about $ 4 million, four families were settled. And in September, in his mansion vedet businessman from Slovenia, part of the ten richest people in the country. A quarter of the year he spends in Kiev, where he had business.

On this board we said deputy PAO Kyivmiskbud-1 to them. Zagorodniy (builds town) Taras Zyabkin, wrote today.

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For a long time, "city of millionaires called the dead. Hundreds of people have invested another 5-7 years before the money in the luxury housing on Vozdvizhenka, had planned to move into private residences with several bedrooms, a Jacuzzi and panoramic views of the castle mound in 2006.

"We have documents of ownership, but could not enter - has been carried out sewerage, lighting and heating. In the spring of moldy walls, and standing water in basements. No one is garbage, and the house went to crack "- told us Helen, a resident of the house on the street. Vozdvizhenskaya, 28-30.

Builders claim that the problem solved. "Networks are connected. We conclude the contract with tenants to supply electricity, water and gas. By the end of September will be in all the apartments of communication. Tenants were in the mass leave, and only now come. Crack between two doors remain. We have received a certificate of examination on her. Will strengthen the foundations and walling up the crack "- told us Zyabkin.

In the cottage area "Vozdvizhenka" build 30 houses. Most sold in the 15 houses already inhabited. In addition, Vozdvizhenka bought 200 apartments. Not sold about 50 apartments (and chic, and average) and two mansions. "10% of all residents - foreigners who have business in Ukraine, or families where one spouse - a citizen of another country, and the second is our countryman. The remaining tenants - businessmen, MPs and prominent people whose names I do not have the right to disclose, "- told us Mr. Zyabkin.

As the locals told us, among their neighbors - members of the Secretariat of President Yushchenko and the Presidential Administration Viktor Yanukovych. "I heard that in Vozdvizhenka bought homes Viktor Baloga and one of his deputies, Raisa Bogatyrev, Sergei Levochkina relatives, say that even the President. Although, according to other information, it will be built next to St. Andrew's Church, and have a project "- told us one of the residents on behalf of Olga, a businessman.

Councilor Raisa Bogatyryova Ludmila Hariv neither confirmed nor denied the information: "I have no data on its property on Vozdvizhenka. In addition, according to a resident of Olga, two homes allegedly bought byutovets Valery Pisarenko - for herself and her father. People's Deputy Sam told us, that does not even know of the existence of the town. "Vozdvizhenka? Where is it? "- He said. And Olga Bogomolets, which has its "parameters" to non-residential real estate, plans to open a museum of Ukrainian icons.

"We almost do not see the real owners. Typically, they buy property and issue the BTI bogus people. The rich and famous do not want to shine "- told us to Olga.

Realtors believe that Vozdvizhenka weakly populated because it is built up properly. "Looking for restaurants in the style of the XIX century farmstead with colored glass in the windows of typical tract Potters-Kozhemyaka. It would attract tourists here would go take pictures and drink coffee ", - said Vitaly realtor Trofimov.
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