Vladimir Etush was the victim of construction scams

10.11.2015 00:15
Articles about real estate | Vladimir Etush was the victim of construction scams People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Etush caught the fraudulent trick of the construction company. Now his apartment raskurochena and is not suitable for life because of the construction debris and the broken walls. How to tell the wife of the star of the Soviet cinema, the family of a trusted company Arayik Mkhitaryan. Elena gave Etush attacker 400 thousand rubles as an advance payment for the repairs, but he received the money disappeared.

"For a year we saved money for the repairs. In winter, at the beginning of 2015, we made a specific conversation about what he should do, what materials to buy. All suggestions he sent to us in writing via e-mail, "- says Elena. The first tranche of 200 000 family gave Mkhitaryan in late March. Then, in late March Arayik Leonidovich came and advised to buy materials, because everything is more expensive. Then the builders took another 100 000 rubles.

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"After some time, he sent us a letter that the materials bought, and asked for more 129 000 rubles. We sent him 200 000 rubles - in view of future additional money purchasing fees. He wrote that all materials bought and kept in stock, "- says the wife of the artist.

Time has passed, but the repairs have not begun. "We fly home and see that in the closet and brought down the entire tile is covered with foil, but the apartment did nothing pokleit only two bedrooms. We were very surprised, "- says the wife of the actor. Living in such conditions was impossible, and the family moved to the country. Over the next month in the apartment almost nothing has changed. Etush with his wife even had to live in the theater, because the contractor has promised to finish everything in a week.

As a result, the expert Elena caused that looked flat and explained that the contractor just spent all the money and did not buy anything, so it is stalling for time. Repair, according to experts, because you can not finish. "We realized that we can not see the apartment, as their ears, and took the keys. Mkhitaryan was asked to send us checks, but it turns out that nothing has been purchased. Something coincidence, but the fact that it is listed as purchased in April, he began to buy only at the end of September. And the price difference between the material, which he had bought and that took us more than twice! He bought the cheapest materials - wallpaper, paint ", - she said.

Now, after Elena Etush appealed to the media, the contractor returned the money the actor.
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