Vitaly Zakharchenko wants to return to his property

01.05.2016 00:45
Articles about real estate | Vitaly Zakharchenko wants to return to his property Unknown foreign offshore "Dax Building BCA LTD" trying to re-register the property fugitive ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko. However, the court rejected his claim on the termination of the investment fund "Administrative Bureau BWT" ownership of real estate. This is reported by "Nashі groshі", referring to the decision of Kyiv Darnytsa District Court of 1 April, writes columnist.

Unknown foreign company jurisdiction "Dax Building BCA LTD" reported that in March 2012 in Victoria in the Seychelles has acquired real estate in Ukraine - administrative and production complex of 5500 square meters. m, flat and two parking spaces. The seller was Beracha Niall Moore.

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However, trying to arrange faced with the fact that the property has been decorated as the property fund "Administrative Bureau BWT" (Netherlands) on the said property in Ukraine, "Dax Building BCA LTD." Plaintiff believes that the investment fund has acquired ownership of the property as a result of a fictitious business.

Niall Beracha Moore, who allegedly sold the disputed property in the Seychelles in 2012, at the hearing did not show up, but gave a statement that he supports the claim and asked to hear the case in his absence.

The dispute concerned in particular the apartments of 255 square meters. m in a luxury complex "Novopecherskie Limes' down the street Dragomirov, 12. According to the real estate registry, investment fund bought it in April 2012.

At trial, it presented information about the property you bought the investment fund in 2012-2013. This 20 land plots with total area of ​​6.91 hectares in the villages and Podgortsy Romankiv the Kiev region, as well as in the village share of Donetsk region, three houses - 441 square meters. m (address unknown), 1299 sq. m (village Romankiv), 529 square meters. m (address unknown), already mentioned apartment in "Novopecherskie Limes."

With regard to administrative and industrial complex of 5,500 square meters. m, it does not appear in the list of property investment fund. Address of his location hidden in the judgment, so it is impossible to find the owner.

"Administrative Bureau BWT" Dutch fund known fact that it recorded an estate in the village near Kiev Romankiv where Zakharchenko lived. In February 2014 he was declared an international arrest warrant. In the registry, there is evidence that in May 2015 the court at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine imposed a lien on property fund "Administrative Bureau BWT".

The same Dutch company is the owner of CJSC "mining technology", which is co-owner of "marble quarry" Tribushany ", with the same name brand Zakharchenko designed for themselves.
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