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Articles about real estate | Visa and residence permit in Greece Buying property in Greece gives visa privileges. Namely - the right to an annual Schengen multivisa with the right to stay in the country up to 90 days to six months from the date of first entry. Homebuyers value of € 250 thousand are eligible for a residence permit .

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April 5, 2010 in Europe introduced a new Visa Code . According to the document , the requirements to the application form and documents for a Schengen visa are the same for all countries - participants of the Schengen agreement.

A Schengen visa allows you to stay in the Schengen countries for 90 days in half . For a longer period is necessary to issue a national Greek visa (D).

Documents required to obtain a Schengen visa :

filled ( letters) and personally signed form (available from the consulate or visa center );
one color photo ;
passport, which expires no less than three months after the end of the trip ;
insurance for traveling abroad , covering the entire period of the visa , with the amount of insurance coverage at least € 30 thousand ;
confirmation that the applicant has funds to cover costs associated with the trip ;
original certificate of employment / study ;
documents confirming the purpose of the trip (the invitation , hotel reservation , cover letter employer , etc.) ;
Juvenile - birth certificate . If the minor applicant is traveling with one parent , requires written permission of the other parent ( if one - then both).

The consular fee unchanged at € 35. To expedite the visa Russian citizen may apply to the visa center operating at the embassy . In this case the cost of the visa is € 60 . Term of the application is on average 10 working days. In case of failure of consular services are required to explain its decision , and the visa fee is not refundable.

A more complete list of documents required for submission depending on the type of visa can be found on the website of the consular department of the Embassy of Greece.

Residence permit (permit )

When buying real estate ( both residential and commercial ) in the amount of € 250 thousand residents of countries not in the EU zone Inbound may qualify for a five-year residence permit. If these conditions are not met , the Greek residence permit may be granted only upon receipt of a national visa (D).

There are several types of residence in this country. The main ones are :

Its independent financial and economic activity . Distinction between " entrepreneurial " and " investment " residence permit . To obtain it will need to put in the Bank of Greece at least € 60 thousand
For special reasons (education , training , etc.). This can get a residence permit and financially independent individuals . To do this requires proof of monthly income of at least € 2 thousand
For work ( employment , seasonal , etc.) .
For family reunification .
For exceptional reasons ( public interest , etc.)
For property owners .

Furthermore, according to Greek law , a residence permit in Greece can get third-country nationals who have sufficient income at home , however, without the right to work or business activities in Greece. Income should not be less than 2,000 euros per month per head of the family , the spouse (husband ) need an additional 20 % of this amount , and the child has a 15% + . Taking into account any legal income , documented , including pension and other income coming into the bank account of the applicant, such as income from rental housing .

This residence permit is renewed annually , each time you need to provide new documents. Naturally, the applicant should be housing to rent or own , a solid health insurance in Greece , of course , private , as the applicant does not have the right to work here or do business . A person granted a residence permit in Greece is obliged to remain in Greece for at least six months + 1 day of the year , otherwise in case of further extension of residence permit to the applicant authority may simply refuse .

While waiting for a residence permit , applicants have the right to legal residence in Greece , even if the decision was delayed until a year or more . Average waiting time for a response is 3-4 months . While waiting for a residence permit can enter Russia and return to Greece , however, can not be formalized in Russia Schengen visa. If the applicant plans to travel through other countries while waiting for the Greek residence permit, it is wise to stock up on long-term Schengen visa , so as not to infringe upon itself in the movements in Europe, if there is a desire or need.

Documents that can be the basis for obtaining permit (attached to the documents for a visa D):

document of admission to the university and the availability of funding ;
marriage certificate with a Greek citizen ( issued in Greece) ;
marriage certificate with a resident of Greece , with an income of not less than 10 thousand euros per year ;
documents confirming ownership of the company in Greece ;
an income statement ( 24 thousand euros per year);
work permit or contract.

The application for a residence permit in the prefecture of Greece served on arrival. At first residence permit is issued for one year, then renewed every two years.

Permanent residence ( permanent )

Application for permanent residence can be submitted within five years of receipt of the residence permit . Provides permanent foreigner all the rights and freedoms enjoyed by citizens of Greece , except for suffrage. Permanent status does not require constant renewal. Its validity is not restricted, except breaking the law.


With citizenship Greece foreigner gets the full rights and freedoms on an equal basis with citizens of this country. According to Greek law citizenship is acquired

by birth;
in recognition of paternity Greek citizen ;
by adoption Greek citizen ;
by naturalization ;
ethnic Greeks , to enlist in the Armed Forces of Greece.

The right to obtain citizenship , foreign nationals receive ten years of legal residence in Greece. If the applicant is the spouse ( wife ) citizen ( citizen) Greece and married a common child was born , the applicant receives citizenship after three years of residence in the country. Applicant for citizenship
should reach the age of 18;
for the past ten years have been convicted with a term of imprisonment of one year or more;
not previously subjected to deportation proceedings .

Application for naturalization shall be addressed to the Minister of Interior in the town hall of residence. City Hall of documents sent to the authorized department of the county , and from there - to the Ministry of the Interior. After consideration of the application the applicant is invited for an interview at the Commission on naturalization , which tests their knowledge of the Greek language , history and culture. Your opinion about the applicant , the Commission also directs the Minister who is already taking or not taking a final decision. In the case of a favorable outcome of the fact citizenship is published in the government media . The last thing to do new citizen of Greece , so within a year after the publication of an oath of allegiance .

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