Villages business class took half the market

06.11.2010 09:14
Articles about real estate | Villages business class took half the market Number of cottage settlements business class in Moscow has reached 47% of total supply. According to the company RODEX GROUP, it's nearly 400 objects from 820, and an estimated GOOD WOOD, at the proposal of 10-30 million rubles, about 50% of the objects in a segment of "ready-made home, some 40% in a segment of" areas with the contract.

Villages of business-class focused on Novorizhskoye, Dmitrovsky, Kaluga, Yaroslavl and Kiev highway. New Riga ahead of all other areas, offering similar facilities in 2,5 times more. In all these areas the proportion of projects at a price of 10 to 30 million rubles, about 50%, only in Kiev - 34%, and Rublevsky highway - 12%.

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The variety represented towns, you can find options and almost ready homes, and at different stages of construction. If we consider all settlements price range of 10 to 30 million rubles, or 23% of projects will be in the final stages of construction, about 47% - at the stage of 30-70% ready, the rest - at the initial stage.

The objects of the business class prices in 2010 are not corrected substantially, although the 2009 decline in the average value was 30%. Objects that are now being sold in the area of 20-30 million rubles before the crisis were worth 30 million rubles. However, the objects that were in the final stages of construction, the price is almost not changed since finished houses in the villages are ready - it's a liquid product, wrote

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