Villa in the form of geometric shapes is built on the island of San Miguel

22.09.2010 17:25
Villa in the form of two blocks of a simple geometric shape, interconnected glazed hall, located on the outskirts of the Portuguese town of Guarda in the island of San Miguel.<br /><br />Construction of residential quarters are conducted randomly, without a clear master plan and considering the peculiarities of the topography of the place, so far the city is an eclectic types and architectural styles.<br /><br />The villa, designed by AVA Architects for a successful doctor, is in the suburbs, and the outlines of the city are to her nothing more than a colorful and variegated background.<br /><br />Building plot has a trapezoidal shape and is located along the road on a hill with a sufficiently large bias.<br /><br />This peculiarity of the relief determines some of the limitations in the project construction, and at the same time, give benefits in the form of well-lit area. Lay the three-storey building follows the contours of the site.<br /><br />The first floor is completely given over to technical facilities: there is a garage, kitchen, large pantry and a toilet for staff. The floor above is a zone of general use, organized around the main entrance to the house, made as a glass-fronted lobby, this lounge together and separates, and visually connects the two buildings built.<br /><br />On the ground floor are living room, dining room and kitchen, work area host homes and barns. Staircase to the second floor is not only functional, but highly aesthetic, and she recalls a simple and at the same time, organic sculpture, executed in a strict and easy style.<br /><br />The upper floor is the most ukromnuyu and intimate zone. Here are the bedrooms and bathrooms and the staircase is the only link between the private and public zones of the house.<br /><br />Total floor area is quite large and is 320 square meters. meters. At the same time, thanks to wise planning - the partition into blocks and association with central glazed link design solution villa does not look bulky.<br />arttobuild<br />
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