Vika: «Our home has grown out of the ground like mushrooms»

13.09.2010 09:18 Can we call Vick supporter of your tastes?
Vadim: As a fashion designer Vic works almost in the same vein. And I like it very much. She - my follower. In general how would you assess the architectural content of Moscow region of space?

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Vadim: In general it is either tasteless or had long since died Novorussky style when everything just gloss, glamor, transience, empty, unprincipled. In general, the architecture greatly affects the human psyche. When you walk through the city streets, you just can not close his eyes. Subconsciously, the awful "box-Khrushchev" continue to put pressure on you, on your self. Why? Because poorly, stupidly, depressing. Why do we feel such peace in the churches? Because in the decoration of their feeling of flight of the spirit! And our suburban architecture knows only one style, in most cases the same glamor. But there is, indeed, worthy examples. I want to say that Russia is now experiencing real growth, there is a lot of worthy artists and architects. Nevertheless, Gray, psevdomodnogo still more than is really unique projects. What it means in your understanding of the modern house?

Vadim: It is said that a modern house - a smart home. If you read magazines, it turns out that a modern house - a place where unconditional dominate modern technology. Of course, good, when instead of frames are double glazed. But for me, the real Russian oven - is also quite modern. Most importantly, understand your time and provide accurate it hit. So to me, a modern house - a "mix" that combines the best of past and present. We, Russian, very rich experience, we had a lot of good. And if you take as a basis for only some extreme and be only the vanguard, and you did not notice how modern quickly become outdated, stale, used, like cigarettes smoked and threw it away. If you do not rely on house-building secrets of our fathers and forefathers, we are doomed to failure. I have nothing against modern technology, many of whom are just wonderful, providing a level of comfort that is comparable with the achievements of our civilization. But the antiques also has to be, it always creates a flavor, brings into our home a certain disposition towards spirituality, tradition maintains, strengthens the connection to time ... And in your house are many examples of this "mix"?

Vadim: Note the battery in the dining room - a simple Soviet battery, painted under gilt. And the windows are also not very common - a modern glass with applied oak frame under the antiquities. Sills finished in black stained oak. The kitchen is modern gas stove situated next to a real Russian stove with a fireplace, there is a small stack of wood. Russian oven in our acting, and here we can mess cook, and cook kebabs. In the bedroom, note a very interesting toilet: completely modern bath standing on a wooden podium. Very convenient lockers copper perfectly coexist with a wooden antique stained glass. All ultra-modern, but always flying past. Bathroom floor is divided into two halves: one is made of larch and the other - from the tiles, the second half of the floor heating. This is a mixture of styles, but everything looks, I think, is quite modern. Vic, what you mean modern house?

Vic: For me, generally, is the most favorite place where I like to be, but there are, unfortunately, rare. I spend much more time in airplanes, hotels and lounges. A modern house in my understanding - is, above all, strong family and honest relationship. The fact that our world is material only one-third, two thirds of it is spiritual and very thin. Therefore, as a man sees his life as he perceives it - so the house itself builds. So, for example, in our house walls are thick, solid roof and oak furniture. House - because it, in fact, only the walls and roof. Much more important is the spiritual superstructure. On it all and hold on. If the home is not happiness, but only lies and deceit, however rich it may be decoration, it would still be dead. There is no joy in life. And sometimes, look up the simple Russian hut in which cleanliness, order, comfort, everything is calm, measured, and do not want to leave. And all because the people there live in good harmony. This probably is happiness. The house is a lot of interesting icons, they are practically in every room. Vadim, it's your job?

Vadim: Yes, all of these icons are made in my workshop and my sketches. It faces of the saints - the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, St. Nicholas, St. George and others. They finish used by many different stones: pearl, Swarovski crystals, and others. These icons are many very famous people. One such icon is worth between $ 1.5 thousand or more. But for me it's not just business. I am a churchwarden, pick up a temple in Myshetskaya, the place where was formerly the estate of Denis Davydov, a famous Russian hussar-partisan, who also was an interesting Russian poet. Your home is also a lot of fireplaces. It's your passion?

Vadim: They were in our house about five, and all made by different technologies, with a different design. I need them in order to be able to show clients. For example, a fireplace in the bedroom gouged out Tselikov white stone. And the one in the dining room, decorated with a special frame made of bronze with a stone. Fireplaces bring in a lot of room comfort, not to mention the heat in the literal sense of the word. Also, looking at the fire, think better ... In your house a lot of different animals ....

Vic: Yes, our chief security guard - Pluto. This dog breed Cane Corso, the most expensive dog in the world, her ancestors, they say, still guarded by Caesar. Cane Corso - the most decisive security guards and bodyguards are very reliable. But, in general, the dog is very calm, intelligent and has an amazing intuition. Yet we live in a house cat and a parrot, and in the bath - crickets. They know us well, often crawling and ... "sverchat. We like it a lot, feeling - like being somewhere in the woods on retreat. By the way, has recently appeared in my repertoire a song about crickets. Vadim, can we say that this house is fully quench all your musical ambitions?

Vadim: In general, yes, but I can tell right away that this is not our last house. I like very much to build, and I think that soon I will make something entirely new - a hundred percent is what I want. Although many who have visited us in the house, consider it one of the most beautiful and extraordinary.
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