Victor Kovalenko: «Prices are too high for suburban real estate»

13.08.2011 08:32
Articles about real estate | Victor Kovalenko: «Prices are too high for suburban real estate» Market value of homes being built in a cottage village in Ukraine is often impossible to determine due to the very small number of transactions in this market.

"Even in the same place, such as a lake, but at different distances from it, the cost of land and buildings may be different in 2 times. Pricing here is chaotic and opaque, and most of the proposals adequately inflated, because sellers are afraid to make a bad bargain "- the director of consulting company" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko.

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In his view, the market continues to disentangle the consequences of the bubble of 2006-2008, when the number of cottage settlements under construction objectively not in accordance with purchasing power. "In connection with this right now, for something to sell, you need a clear fall in the market. But even the most experienced professionals in large companies can not always do it. They do not always understand exactly what people need in a particular place. As a result, the proposal still significantly exceeds demand ", - the expert said. 
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