Victor Kovalenko: «Change the implementation strategy of its objects»

20.10.2010 09:51
Articles about real estate | Victor Kovalenko: «Change the implementation strategy of its objects» Suburban real estate market, sagging heavily in the crisis, gradually recovered: if before the autumn of 2008 it was possible to talk about the market vendor, and in crisis - a buyer's market, but now the situation is stabilized and the brink of war for consumer marketing.

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Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo:

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Before the crisis, the growing market for real estate developers have not seen a great need to involve the specialized real estate company to process sales, and more than 70% of developers were holding their own sales-department. Not required to develop a particularly effective marketing strategy, because the client and without any additional factors attract went to buy a property developer. The main incentive for buying was the galloping rise in prices.

But here came the crisis and the market has reacted sensitively. Free money from the customers there are virtually no from developers - also, a seller's market has quickly become a buyer's market: they have to dictate the terms, choose the highest-quality deals, demand and receive their rebates. In this situation, divested of most developers have become ineffective - because they are accustomed to working in a booming market, a surplus of buyers. Sellers did not have before to fight for the customer, and they just do not understand how to operate in complex emergency settings. They still sell a simple product - a property without considering the interests of clients. And today, the customer demand service on the selection of the property, as satisfying its interests. Service recruitment now comes to the fore. Sales-unit builder on their ideology sell product, not service.

In 2009, buyers were forced to independently analyze the market, which led to a lengthening of the decision process, and developers are encouraged purchase price reduction. This is not the main, but one of the important factors fall in property prices in 2009.

In 2010, the pricing policy of gradually stabilized as the market as a whole. The client now needs a real estate services that can significantly reduce time to market analysis.

You need to consider not only pricing, but also wisely to build a marketing strategy. Today, widespread alternative transaction, for example, when a client is planning to permanently move out of town, selling an apartment and buying a house. Themselves to build the logistics of such a transaction the customer can not, because at first he picks a house, then sells the flat, but for this time, the house has been sold. Accordingly, in this case it should help marketing departments of developers, which in turn will attract competent Realtors to enter into transactions. In connection with this completely changing logistics business processes, new formats work, new alliances. From this perspective, the current market situation is very interesting since it fundamentally changes the market for selling services of the object. For example, there are "cooperation" previously irreconcilable rivals focused on the organization of joint sales projects. While development companies suburban developers do not form a strategy for the implementation of its objects, cease to rely on their sales, rural property will be sold poorly.
Victor Kovalenko

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