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07.09.2010 11:00
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Demand for vacation homes, which for a half - two years fell by 3-4 times, still not recovered. Today it is 10-15% of 2008 levels.

Before the crisis, real estate agencies entered into a monthly average of 8 deals on the sale of country cottages. Today, the number of homes sold on average - one. If you are lucky - then two.

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Lack of demand, resource recycling and support from state officials and even more alienated revival of cottage construction.

"We did not find any law, any ideas on how to support the individual builder, how to support those who are trying to build a cottage. Although a developer, we can say today - the main in Ukraine. Ask why? Because individual building - is opportunity to put into circulation the money people. But as for the general trends in construction - all months this year, falling by 20% over the previous year. that is, if we had a fall in 2009, about 50% because of those 50 still minus 20 % "- emphasizes Ivan Saliy, Adviser to the Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine.

Defrost cottage construction

Today in the database of country real estate portalwww.zagorodna.comin Ukraine there are 564 cottage town. Of these, 175 - ready, 221 - under construction and 168 - only projected. Leader of the number of towns - Kiev Oblast - 279.

But even near the capital, where life is seething active than in other regions, built only 96 objects. Others - either on paper or just building on hold. "Out of 183 designed and built towns in the July 2010 construction halted in 80 towns. This amounts to 43,7% of the total number under construction and planned townships. Superiority of" freezing "- in the Makarov district - 18 towns. Second place - Kiev Sviatoshynsky -16 region towns. The third - a Brovarskiy - 11 frozen towns ", - noted Victor Kovalenko, the director of the consulting agency.

Despite the ugly stats stopped the construction of suburban sites, market participants are still talking about revival. And his call signs, or those areas where construction is resumed, or new projects. In general in Ukraine to begin or has begun construction of 60 new projects in principle. Although it recognizes Victor Kovalenko, some of the projects will remain on paper. From the perspective of 60, 10 items - in the Kiev region. In this stage of the "paper" in the active construction stage in the Kiev region has moved about 5 projects.

Single pricing policy not ascertain specialists. It is diverse. Depending on the class of buildings. For example, in the Crimea, price per square meter ranges from 500 to 19 500 dollars. Because of these "peaks" even Crimea was the leader in terms of average prices - in 2248 dollars. Followed by Kiev (2158 dollars) and Odessa region (1526 dollars). In general, the Ukraine, the average cost per square meter from the beginning of the year fell to $ 32 from 1121 to 1089 dollars.

Changing game terms

Today, analysts ascertain attitudes and the buyers and the sellers of country real estate. Do buyers say excessive demands, the expectation of further price declines and lack of desire to buy an unfinished home. This also applies to a very low-cost segment - an area of 100 to 200 blocks, and cost $ 1000 per meter, and more expensive - an area of 350 and the value of 2000 - Z500 dollars per square. "For sale as a rule, housing ready, entered into operation, to repair, often - with furniture. Cartons, unfinished objects without the need of communication, virtually no demand. In the expensive segment, primarily in demand cottages in the Obukhov or Vyshgorod direction. It is only in its finished state, "- emphasizes Alexei Kiselyov, general director of consulting company.

Vendors follow the changing requirements. But with personal gain. Housing, which has been brought to the ready state, raising the price from 5 to 8%. In the towns, construction of which only the primary or secondary stage - on the contrary the price may be lower. From 10 to 15%. And you can bargain for more, especially if the buyer has cash. For the sake of their production sites owners are even willing to sell separately ground to float money in circulation and finish the construction before the crisis.

"Many towns have changed their concept and reformat. Projects are much smaller. That is, build queues. It is 3.2 hectares, and no more than 20-30 houses. Because the more money can not be found. Or at many objects do not have complete complete construction of the town. For example, deposited on 5 houses. ie as soon as available homes for rent and sell. We can not say that this is a civilized market, but this is the situation in time of crisis, "- says Victor Kovalenko.

For the future, suburban real estate market participants are trying to look with optimism. Claim if the national currency will become stronger and more - prices will not change. Maybe by the end of the year on the average can occur even 10 percent drop. But most likely it will be a relative measure. After all, today the same building sold at different prices. With the difference in the half. And sellers who hold high standards, will simply have to yield to a level which requires a buyer. "


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