Vacation at the cottage is an alternative to travel abroad

05.01.2011 08:00
Articles about real estate | Vacation at the cottage is an alternative to travel abroad Recently, more and more holiday homes are bought not only for travel there on weekends, but also as a venue for a full vacation. This trend analysts said the development company Uniparx Service.

As noted in the company, more than 30% of customers consider the vacation at the cottage as a viable alternative not only to travel around the country and abroad. With extreme caution for long journeys are families with young children. Contribute to this and private media publications about substandard care in a rest or another travel agency.

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"At the same time in central Russia formed a lot of attractive places for recreation, particularly in areas near major rivers such as the Volga and Oka - says commercial director Alexander Kovalenko. - In recent years, many of these areas are actively being developed suburban real estate developers who create there cottage villages format "distant problem."

Over the past few months, land in a segment of "distant cottages" rose significantly, indicating a high demand for settlements in this format. For example, the cost of land in the Tula region, located within 10 kilometers of the river Oka, from mid-summer increased by 10-15%. Experts predict that next year the value of the distant villas to grow by 30-50%.

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