Useful tips for buying real estate

13.11.2010 00:00
Questions and statements necessary to confirm before signing the purchase agreement for your chosen property. Consent to the transaction better sign if you are 100% confident in each following the above paragraph, regardless of the number of flats involved in the chain. Maybe you and the agent is not required. You know exactly and are confident in the information about everyone who was ever registered (recorded) in the acquired (sold) apartment.

You know the whole story apartment on the owners. Are you sure you are aware how (in what order and in which banks) is used for calculations, and can make them yourself. you informed about the taxes you are going to pay, and know how to avoid or reduce those that arise as a result of the transaction. Passports of all persons involved in the transaction are real and are available at the time of the transaction. You are fully confident that leaving a deposit for the purchased apartment yet the owner, you can not be afraid of fraud on his part.

Do you know the whereabouts and living conditions of people previously left the apartment. Residents and owners of the apartment was not involved and not registered in the drug and mental hospital. Tenants and owners of the apartment had no problems with law enforcement. You are able to vouch for the authenticity of all documents (including title, BTI, RG, tax authorities, etc.) collected now and used in previous transactions. Violations of the rights of minors do not have all the permission of the guardianship authorities obtained in accordance with the law.

From the apartment do not prevent the army, prisons, nursing homes, long trips, in the neighboring region and state. Received all necessary consents (spouses, children, heirs, persons registered in the apartment) on the transaction.

Home is not threatened by demolition, reconstruction, flooding, gas explosion. The apartment has not been remodeling and renovation. You are confident that after signing the agreement Apartment equipment will not change, to not vyvezut plumbing, doors and do not disable the phone number.
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