U.S. rich took to the mad pursuit of luxury

24.03.2011 07:20
Articles about real estate | U.S. rich took to the mad pursuit of luxury U.S. real estate market continues to be in crisis, but the price of the villa of luxury that did not seem to notice.

Prices for townhouses and apartments that can afford only the rich people, took off at an astronomical high. Bankers, brokers and hedge fund managers literally snapped expensive vacation homes, located on the idyllic coast of Hampton, a two-hour drive from New York. As the newspaper writes New York Post, among competitors for the most "juicy" items ignite real battles.

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For example, hedge funds "Titan" John Paulson bought a villa for 25 rooms, which is situated on a plot area of ??42 hectares. The cost of this facility with a swimming pool, tennis courts and cottages for guests and staff exceeded $ 41.3 million, granddaughter of President Eisenhower had recently sold the "castle" in South Hampton, an area of ??114 square meters. m, for $ 35 million (for comparison: in 1995 this house was purchased for just $ 5 million). New record set hedge funds "King" David Tepper, bought for $ 43.5 million pretentious mansion with a huge swimming pool in Sagaponack, directly on the Atlantic coast, said "Prian.ru".

The rapid rise in prices of expensive housing in the segment affected the rental market these sites. Since last summer, rental prices have grown by 25%. Now, to remove the villa of 10 rooms in South Hampton for three months, will require more than $ 500,000, reports the German edition of «Bild».

In many respects the situation in the expensive housing market due to the payment of substantial bonuses financiers on Wall Street. In the cash equivalent of the size of banking bonuses for the early months of 2011 increased 9% and averaged about $ 128,530 per employee. In this case, salaries and compensation packages of managers has been increased due to the issuance of bank shares.

"Million fever" reached up to Manhattan - the world-famous enclave of the rich in New York. Swiss investment manager Daniel Forkart going to buy two-storey apartments in 14 rooms for $ 19 million in a recent Manhattan was put up for sale mansion worth $ 90 million

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