U.S. has announced distribution of free land

23.11.2010 13:19
At least seven locations across the country can get a free piece of land. This initiative is distributed mainly on U.S. citizens - but, perhaps, for foreigners will be granted exemption.

Some small U.S. cities suffer from the outflow of residents in large cities. Not all of them are trying to hinder this process, but some prefer to "stand up to the last" and increase its population by giving away free land.

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What is happening reminds XIX century, when the U.S. adopted the so-called "Homestead Act". Under the terms of this law, get free land could any man over 21 years and is head of the family (or alone). To get land to both women and former slave and a foreigner, who expressed a desire to become a U.S. citizen.

TV channel CNBC has compiled a list of seven settlements in which to this day can get a free land.

Marne, Iowa.

At the end of XX century the population of the town began to rapidly decline, and so far is about 149 people. In an attempt to restore the attractiveness of the city authorities have allocated four free site. Three are designed for housing, one - a commercial.

To build a house you can get a grant from the Agency for Rural Development, as well as $ 10,000 from the Planning Board southwest Iowa.

In order to get free land in Marne, you must provide a detailed plan of the house, which appears on it. Forbidden to put on the site trailer homes, and to raise cattle or horses.

New Richland, Minnesota

The population of the town is about 1,200 people. On the northern outskirts of the city offers a free plot of land for building housing. The object is to be built within a year.

Recipient of the land must pay for the services provided by the city (water, sewerage, street cleaning). Their total value exceeds $ 25,000. However, for successful candidates, this amount is reduced to $ 14,000, which can be paid over 15 years with property taxes.


In the State of Kansas offered as much free land for processing and storage of this information has been made a separate online portal called the Kansas Free Land. It includes links to more than 12 settlements, from Herndon with a population of 124 people to Wilson with a population of 9,698 people.

Beatrice, Nebraska.

The city created a new version of the Homestead Act, under which there are several free pieces of land on a "first come - the one and received." Land ownership will pass to recipients after they survive on it for five years. In some cases, in areas already built homes. Judging by the references to the "Homestead Act» XIX century, it is possible that the site can expect to receive the foreigners.

Muskegon, Michigan.

The same city and the county offered to companies that create here 25 or more jobs to full-time free part of the industrial park. The authorities hope to attract representatives of the food industry and providers of alternative energy sources. For the creation of 25 jobs relies five acres of land, 50 - 12 acres 75 - 15 acres, 100 + - 20 acres.

Curtis, Nebraska.

The town of 832 people offers more than 10 parcels of land in different areas for building houses for one family. Three sites are already occupied. Emphasizes that the sites are on the cobbled streets, and all necessary communication to them is summarized.

Camden, New England.

The town of 4,052 people offers a land area of 3.5 acres of businesses that will create at least 24 jobs. Primarily with the authorities keen to attract companies working in biotechnology, IT, financial services, cinema, alternative energy sources.
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