Up to 80% of resort real estate of Crimea will be empty

23.03.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate | Up to 80% of resort real estate of Crimea will be empty For the period May holidays booked no more than 30% of the rooms, while last year at this time it was booked up to 90%. Despite what will end the current events in the Crimea , the holiday season on the peninsula already frustrated. This information was announced by representatives of public organizations of Realtors . Experts predict that up to 80 % of the seats in the Crimean hotels, recreation centers and boarding houses remain unfilled during the May holidays and in the summer. Reported LigaBusinessInform site DOM.RIA.com.

Thus, according to a number of owners of boarding houses in the resort village of Novy Svet , Foros , park for the period of May holidays they booked no more than 30 % of the rooms . For comparison , last year at this time they were booked up to 90 % of all rooms.

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The same trend is observed with respect to the summer period . To date, in July-August in the boarding houses were booked no more than 10 % of the rooms . In 2013, this figure was about 50%. In this case the cost of the hotel rooms in boarding houses are kept at last year's level.

At the same time, some private hotels prices even rose . This is due to the fact that their owners have started tying prices to the dollar . The number of armor in these hotels is also very low . Some hotels rooms booked for the summer so far at all.

Began to raise prices for rent and some private apartments. So, for the one-bedroom apartments , which cost last year was about 400 UAH. / Day , are now being asked is 550 UAH . Causes a rise in price is called the increase of the dollar and a big drop in demand among tourists.

By the way , a number of owners of recreation in Crimea announced the temporary suspension of work due to fears that their base will be used as a place to rest troops.


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