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04.12.2014 00:15
The domestic real estate market continues to grow, despite the financial crisis. With heightened competition, the developers are trying to distinguish his project from the crowd by introducing new formats housing. Leynhausy, duplexes, maisonettes ...

But often, an unusual name - it's only a marketing ploy. On new names and new formats in real estate told us Irina Mogilatova, CEO of brokerage and consulting company TWEED.

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- What new formats housing appeared on the real estate market?

- Currently, the suburban real estate market is active development of various formats in a single housing development. Several years ago, developers have combined cottages townhouses or duplex, and is currently in the structure of settlements began to appear low-rise building with an apartment. For example, in the cottage "Pavlova" sold homes cost from $ 1,300,000 to $ 3,000,000, townhouses from $ 600,000 to $ 1 million in low-rise apartment and house for $ 200-350 thousand.

Townhouses, leynhausy, penthouses and apartment buildings can not be called new formats. Townhouses are the most popular today. They exist not less than 10 years in the Russian real estate market and appeared as a segment of the suburban real estate and urban real estate.

For example, in Moscow that "the House Muravyovs", "Three Poplars. The market began to appear different variation thereof, characterized as architectural solutions (leynhausy) or planning (outputs are designed on different sides of the section) and the number of apartments in sections (duplexes).

- What can you say about Willet and leynhausy?

- Sometimes developers to allocate the settlement of the total supply, come up with a new name for the town houses - such as Willet. Leynhausy - are the same as townhouses, but with a different name. In contrast to the townhouses, each leynhaus in section has its own design of the facade. So it can safely be considered a marketing ploy. Their value depends on the location of the village and its status.

For example, the cost leynhausov in the cottage "Iljinskoe" (9 km from Moscow Ilyinsk highway) - from $ 1,000,000 to $ 2,000,000, in the cottage "Maple Grove (9 km from Moscow Novorizhskoe highway) - from $ 750,000 to $ 1 million ". Ilyinsky quarter, located on Ilyinsky highway 12 km from Moscow Ring Road - $ 1.5 million," Crystal Istra "(14 km on the New Riga) - from $ 1.4 million to $ 2 million," Pokrovskoe on Novorizhskoye highway 26 km from Moscow - from $ 340,000 to $ 800,000, and with large areas - about 7 hectare.

- And in the villages which class they can be purchased?

- Regardless of the name of semi-detached homes that belong to business class, and depending on the quality of construction and the characteristics of the village, they can move in the direction of class "Business +", and towards economy class.

- It is among affluent customers are very popular penthouses. How long have they appeared on the real estate market?

- As for the penthouses, they can not be positioned as a separate type of real estate. Practically this is the last floor of the house. Penthouses also are not new, they have long existed in the "Golden Mile" in Ostozhenka, Patriarch's and other prestigious and expensive areas of Moscow.

Penthouse has in its status have certain parameters, because it is the most expensive apartment in the house. For example, an area must be greater than that of other apartments of the house. Often he has a large terrace and sometimes even its own elevator.

Sometimes construction companies in the design houses come to us as a consultant with the question: whether to do them penthouses small area? It is impossible, because Penthouse is the most expensive product in the elite houses. Thus, the cost of penthouses in Ostozhenka ranges from $ 50,000 per sq ft without a finishes and can reach up to $ 80,000 per sq ft to finish.

In pre-revolutionary Russia were called apartment houses. As far as they are interesting at the

- Apartment house - a house that belongs to one person (natural or legal) and rent per-apartment. Examples of the Moscow apartment buildings can serve as home to Chistoprudny boulevard or a house in Gnezdnikovsky lane. Before the Revolution, in Moscow there was a lot of tenement houses in different categories.

Is there anything in our time, apartment buildings? The full understanding of the historical context of these I do not know. Entire houses residential real estate in Moscow, no one bathed, or such facts carefully hidden.

- Why is this happening?

The whole point of profitability of the project. The rental business pays off for quite some time, and real estate in Moscow is very expensive, so unprofitable for investors to bury money in projects with little return.

Perhaps there are a few examples of revenue settlements, inter alia, "Dewdrop", as well as income apart-hotels, such as "Park Place", where all the building owned by one entity and is a little hotel with apartments.

- Apartments on the Russian real estate market - a new product that they look like?

- A specific feature of the apartments is that people can live there, but can not be registered. This type of property originally purchased to rent out, as it can be used as an office. Thus, buyers of apartments, such as Moscow-City, gets an opportunity to purchase a small office in a great location because you can buy office space only large area of 500 sq.m.

In other segments of the apartments are a controversial product to stay, as buyers with limited prosperity remains essentially relate to the possibility of registration, maintenance of rental business for them is not a mass phenomenon, and the offices they are not needed, since they tend to work in the field management of any company.

- Do the apartments and the cost?

- As a rule, the apartments are slightly cheaper than apartments in the same complex: for example, "Aquamarine", building "G", was worth about 10-15% smaller than the other buildings with apartments. The price for apartments in the City, depending on the house and floor from $ 13.4 thousand to $ 25,000 per sq. m.

It should be noted that in the expensive segment apartments are bought not only for offices or lease, but to stay as it is not confusing registration is not any buyers, and the opportunity to buy a dwelling at a lower price quite attractive. But, in my opinion, the apartments can not be a staple in our market in the absence of the mass consumer.
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