Unusual house-mushroom for sale

24.12.2010 08:00
 In the world of a lot of things unusual.

For it to him always attracted human eyes. Here is an American architect Winslow Uedin and decided to do something unreal and strange. And he built the house in the form of a mushroom. As he calls it himself Flintstones House or the House of the hobbit. It has recently become clear that it was put up for sale.

By the way, this house was built in 1969 by request of one couple. Couple planned to build an inexpensive, but blends into the environment of the house. Therefore, it made of polyurethane foam. Young people have paid for such pleasure 30 thousand dollars. And today his starting price is 212 thousand dollars. The house has no running water and no sewage treatment systems. But this house does not need heating.

Meanwhile, this architect has built about 20 extraordinary homes. Anything in the world of such houses comes to a few dozen. Among them, the most famous and popular unusual house - a house robot, the house was built in a tree stump, a flat house, a big basket (the house as a basket), Lair of the humanoids in the form of a flying saucer inclined cubes (three-storey houses with tilted walls) , House of deepwater in the form of the ark, green dragon as a dragon wound around his body red tower, house, sandwiched between two stone cliffs (the house itself is made of stone), the Palace of skillfully carved over the sea from the very rock (located just above the rock) and many others .
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