Unfinished building: who cheated investors?

02.04.2013 12:15
Articles about real estate | Unfinished building: who cheated investors? Hard not to agree that unfinished for our country have long been in the same bleak attribute the low standard of living, as well as broken roads or dumps. Today in Ukraine there are over four thousand unfinished housing, which has long had to live investors. But instead, people wait years for desired square footage, cursing the day they lost their apartment and without money.

But why is a simple scheme of housing investment, which is so popular in the developed world, in our country more often associated with the "Russian roulette"? To understand on what the pitfalls are drowning Ukrainians dream apartment, we decided to analyze the situation in a specific example of several houses in Odessa, which is more than six years can not finish.

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Today, more than five thousand homeless families regularly picket the Odessa city council and block traffic in the center of the city with the hope that the public will pay attention to their grief. One of the aggrieved investors named Marina willingly tells about the purpose of such actions: "Our house is not completed and no one is going to bring them to mind! City Hall moved on, and developers have long freeze. People are in despair! We ask for so many years the power to help us, so at least can we finally pay attention? "

Today, people are determined to fight for their rights, but it all began with optimism and dreams, as is the case with all the tragic stories. In 2005, Odessa city administration signed with the construction company "Alliance" contract for construction of social housing type. At that time, people were asked to put honestly earned money in building their own apartments on favorable terms.

What exactly went wrong, we decided to ask in the first place from the developer. According to the head of the corporation "Alliance" Liana Feshchuk allocated to private investors was not enough money to complete the large-scale construction. Therefore, in January 2008, the company turned to the bank for a loan. "Ukrsotsbank" willingly agreed to cooperate, saying that first it is necessary to conduct a series of tests. For six months, the bank held a variety of leisurely audits. All this time the contractors 'Alliance' work, so to speak, for the promises that they pay off as soon as they receive credit.

Finally "Ukrsotsbank" completed testing and proposed the so-called lending scheme "Repo", when the bank buys the shares of the borrower (the funds for the action - this is the body of the loan), and the "Alliance" will gradually redeem their securities with interest. In July 2008, the parties signed a general cooperation agreement, the amount of agreement (transaction) was more than 55 million hryvnia. That's only at the time of the agreement suddenly appeared "small" problem.

"Ukrsotsbank" said he did not have this amount in national currency. Instead of "Alliance" offered to issue a so-called "Technical" a loan in U.S. dollars (exchange rate at that time was about 4.5 hryvnia to the dollar). Simply put, this scheme was this: the bank has issued the builder credit repo, money for which the bank was not. Therefore, the borrower had to make another loan, but in the "currency" - in order to exchange dollars for the hryvnia. Amount placed in a deposit account opened by the bank specifically for this oborutki, and since this deposit bank and gave the "Alliance" tranches of money.

But even in this credit change is not over. If you follow the "iron" logic sharks banking business, as now issued a new loan, and the collateral for it to be substantial. Therefore, when signing agreements for currency credit "Ukrsotsbank" a condition: "To take in ensuring property rights for apartments in the unfinished items on the general line of credit." In practice, this means that to get the "currency" of credit, in which the corporation "Alliance" almost did not need, she had to lay the property for a total cost of 100 million USD.

According to Liana Feshchuk from this agreement was already beginning to "smell bad", because such a simple way pledged to the bank was two times more apartments than that specified in the master contract. Not to mention the fact that all the legal costs of almost half a million hryvnia also fell on the shoulders of the "Alliance". But at the time, of the developer had no choice - it was urgent to pay off contractors to construction stopped.

However, in September 2008, credit tranches broken. Unilaterally, the bank stopped transfer of funds. Is alarming that go "in English," "Ukrsotsbank" decided it was during the collapse of the hryvnia, when hung on the "Alliance" "technical" a loan in an instant jumped twice. Needless to say that the negotiations between the developers and the bank did not bring any result.

All this time the "Alliance" tried to continue to discharge its obligations, said Liana Feshchuk. Was put into operation five houses. But the only thing left to investors - is helplessly watch as stops construction of their homes.

To date, seven apartment buildings "Alliance" in Odessa, in spite of the 80% power availability is still not completed. All this time, people are trying to hold meetings and reach out to at least someone from the officials who swore so hard to support them before the election. Outcasts investors no longer believe that tearing down evil on developers, on the City Hall, from which over the years they have been listening to a lot of empty promises. People do not want, and do not have an understanding of others' intrigues and schemes, credit rolls, they just want to live in his own apartment. Understanding the stalemate, the management of the construction company "Alliance" has decided to give all the houses in the town, to finally put an end to this story. Liana Feshchuk notes that despite the high availability of houses, some of which have even settled people, give them the city was the only right decision.

However, not all happened as we would like. After the signing of the relevant securities, the day before the session of the City Council, which had to decide on the completion of housing, to the Odessa City Hall received a letter from the already almost forgotten "Ukrsotsbank". It cynically reported that there was no right to transfer the unfinished city "Alliance", it turns out, has not, as now, according to the loan obligations, these homes do not belong to the developer and to the people and the bank ... After receiving this letter, the Odessa City Council quickly washed its hands, leaving unfinished in their current state.

Most of the story is not shocking helplessness builder and even tyranny of domestic banks, draconian practices which are more like "Romance with the Open Road" ... These things have long taken for granted, which are all used to tolerate. But the surprise is the amorphous nature of the local government, which is hiding in the bushes, rather than cut the "Gordian knot" of unfinished south of Palmyra.

Of course, no one takes commitment from the "Alliance", which was to act much more sensible and cautious. But because of the 55-million loan the bank issued only 38 million, and the company is now demanding compensation of 200 million! No need to be an economist to understand that this is, without exaggeration, is contrary to common sense. Developer himself has repeatedly stated its readiness to repay within loan obligations "Repo", but this is obviously not happy with the leaders "Ukrsotsbank".

It is clear that this war hostages were primarily private investors who have a long six years for their own money feel homeless. That is why the government and had to offer a compromise solution of the housing problem, while using all the tools given to her by law. Unfortunately, investors are offended sadly state: local powers and nib not lead, to take the pressure off a little bit about the situation.

Such stories are not uncommon for Ukraine, because we have, sadly aware, still has a "power law", according to which it is possible to tighten the credit bondage whole companies and even dictate to the City Council. But even more painful to realize that most of ordinary people suffer, which is simply no one to protect.
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