Underwater cottages built in Finland

06.09.2010 15:21
Articles about real estate | Underwater cottages built in Finland Architect Daniel Andersson drafted underwater cottage "Iceberg" commissioned by the Finnish company Alands Hotell & Restaurangskola, informs portal designboom.com. The project is called "iceberg", as on the water surface will be visible only a glass roof, which provide the light hits the room.

To make such houses will be on the Aland Islands
Roof comfortable apartments for temporary housing with a spacious bright living room also serves as a platform for sunbathing. Under the "body" floating cottages located pontoons.

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Area cottage - about 60 square meters. All auxiliary facilities are located around a central atrium with a staircase leading upstairs. The bathroom is a sauna from which you can jump directly into the lake.

Cottage is attached to the bottom anchor. Water and Electricity is supplied via submarine cables and pipelines, which, in turn, connected to a central station, located on the mainland. For security purposes, under the stairs are installed pumps that remove water, if it gets inside the cottage premises.
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