Understate the price of the apartment will not allow - the notary will not be able to process the deal

29.12.2011 09:00
Articles about real estate | Understate the price of the apartment will not allow - the notary will not be able to process the deal In 2012, the sale (donation, exchange) of real estate transaction the parties can not understate its true cost to pay less taxes to the State - The State Property Fund (SPF) has approved the recommendations for determining the minimum cost per square meter depending on the region. We recall that now the buyer must pay the fee in the form of 1% of the price of the object specified in the title documents (the contract of sale, gift, exchange), and another 1% to the Pension Fund, which often leads to its underestimation.

According to statistics, the average price of housing sold in Ukraine - 100 000 hryvnia, is two times lower than, for example, the real price of "unity" in the district center of Korsun-Shevchenko on Cherkaschine, and in Kiev, even one-room Dormitory costs at least three times more expensive. As we explained in the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers, the transactions appear prices calculated by experts at BTI (they are about 2-3 times lower than real. - Ed.).

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According to the calculations of Chapter Verkhovna Rada Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy Andrey Pinchuk (OL), as a result of budget loses 2.5 billion UAH. a year. Now put this barrier. As explained to us in the SPF, their technique is based on actual prices at which the housing offered for sale in this region over the past six months. Monitor this will be the local authorities.

The minimum price per square meter specialists will, taking away 10% of the budget proposals for each segment: Khrushchev, brezhnevki, new, non-residential buildings. For example, in Kiev the average sales price of a room-Khrushchev in December - 360 000 hryvnia, the minimum - 300 000. Taxes will take not less than 300 thousand hryvnia or 6000 hryvnia (3000 - duty, 3000 - PF).

Meanwhile, the Treasury goes to 2,000 hryvnia, on the basis of the average cost of 100 thousand hryvnia (for hruschob and penthouses), and in fact even less, because a kennel BTI estimate 25-30 thousand hryvnia. The lawyer Vladimir Stalitnego, this will increase taxes in the budget, because the lawyer will not be able to assure the transaction if the price falls below the minimum. But it may stop the sale at the periphery, since there are few transactions, and sellers often shed 20-25% of the cost, if they see a real buyer.

"When the rule will become effective, brokerage firms will advise clients-sellers to understate the official bid price, for example, 30-40% of the buyer to minimize taxes. And really all they know what is actually higher than the stated price, "- said the lawyer. Expert real estate market Zoya Fedorova said that the new benefit to customers of insurance companies entering into a contract of insurance housing in case of fire, flood. "If you evaluate an apartment cheap, when the insured event will pay less, because the damages can not exceed a project cost of insurance, and overpayment for the policy to the client a little"

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