Under the new Housing Code of the transaction will be handled only by the real price

23.12.2010 13:13
Articles about real estate | Under the new Housing Code of the transaction will be handled only by the real price Why us a new Housing Code and how it will change the life of the owner of the apartment? This was told Valery Baranov - one of the sponsors of the bill, the head of the Budget Committee of Parliament, wrote Focus.

Former mayor of Berdyansk, Valery Baranov, the seven years of work in the city turned over a third of high-rise buildings in SDMX (company owners of multi-storey buildings). He was confident that the owners of apartments in the Ukrainian high-rise buildings should be themselves, without ZhEKov and local authorities manage their property and maintain it.

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- Today, Ukrainians should realize that they themselves are obliged to maintain their private property: I mean apartments and houses in which they reside. Under the Soviet government housing fund held by municipal budgets. Social policy was as follows: approximately 20% of the citizens and paid 80% - local councils and state. Time has changed, and citizens continue to pay 20 cents from one hryvnia costs. Who must now repay these 80 cop? - Outraged Valery Baranov.

- You understand that the state never fully funded its obligations. My position is this: housing must not engage in social policy, it is the same as the tank manufacturing industry or the production of jackets. Utilities can not operate without a profit. Our state with such a control system has no prospects.

- But a number of benefits, including housing, guaranteed by law.

- I am advocating that an inventory of benefits and their immediate cut. In this case, I do not think this should apply to disabled veterans, disabled children, the poor, which the state is obliged to provide support and protection. But among those listed benefit recipients, so many people that this has nothing to do. For example, free public transportation police, prosecutors, deputies - is nonsense.

- This is your next initiative?

- It's still my personal opinion. I do believe that we have everything: from the structure of governance, administrative systems, tax policy, housing and ending the work with the staff - not working properly. We have this system can not join the European community, where our absurdity is not working.

- The new Housing Code - an attempt to introduce European standards?

- It is clear that our system of housing does not work. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. In the world there is one system - a society of owners of residential buildings. Such an association will decide the fate of their property and that for which they are willing to pay. They hire one of the service companies, which in their opinion, works better and bought the services they need. Rates are very vague concept. Tenants themselves should decide what services they want to receive.

- According to the norm of the new Housing Code, and now all the organizations that serve at home, must be licensed. Does this mean that AJOAH not be able to hire a plumber, but must hire a licensed company?

- Those who provide services should have the right to do so. Even managers of homes that could be just the tenants of the house should be licensed. Such professionals should be trained separately. This is good work for the disabled, pensioners and retirees, they will receive a certificate and a good profession. Rates for today does not correspond to 60-70% of the cost. That is why the housing - the most poorly paid sector. The new Code also provides that it is now on the market can be earned.

- Experts have criticized the new code because it is essentially nothing new. You, as the author can say what is really new in this document?

- Number of compulsory establishment of SDMX. Everything else is everywhere in all the laws written and does not change.

- By law, before sending home the balance of SDMX in the house should be renovated. Judging by the number of "Khrushchev" and "cheshek" in the country, reform of the housing to extend over a century - with some of our budget.

- Has already been allocated 7 billion hryvnia to the program AJOAH. We have no alternative strategy, so we'll go that route. We are in Berdyansk, having no money and legislation, more than 10 years working in this direction. How are we doing? We had 2 million hryvnia. We on this money repairing the house only to those who have already taken shape as SDMX, and the remaining rallied. Then they began to turn. We have money for all the repairs were not. And then we proposed the following form: half of the repairs paid by the local budget, half - the tenants. They gathered one thousand hryvnia, and we allocated funds. That's because, by common efforts.

- The draft of the Housing Code is such a rule: if the house will be demolished "for social needs, then the tenants will not be provided accommodation in the same area.

- Tell me, how much of this year demolished such houses?

- The new code suggests that if the center will begin reconstruction of the cities, people can be evicted in the sleeping areas?

- I think that in the near future will not occur in any reconstruction, because there is no money for anybody. Investor must invest not only in the demolition of the building, but also in construction, but still be sure that the flats will buy. And who today buys an apartment? None. And then you're out there talking about the demolition of houses, so this year not a single house is not demolished.

- Another contentious issue concerns the eviction of citizens.

- So now you can evict for nonpayment of rent. During this housing reform in the Baltics have been evicted only two families.

- A new housing code permits the eviction of credit bank debtors to court?

- Well, how can the Housing Code before the court decision to give someone some kind of law, we would have legal control (Parliament - ed.) Immediately it would have deleted.

- Well, legal department and wrote that this bill violates the Constitution ...

- They wrote, as officials who know the rules of the Constitution which says that every citizen has the right to housing. And they suggest that the state will continue to build housing and give everyone an apartment. And for a long time, no one should, and will never just give a flat, except, of course, certain categories of citizens, such as the military. And we have in each city should turn. I'm wondering where she stands. These housing queue altogether eliminate the need.

- Tell me, how fares will increase in the reform of housing?

- Now we have created a vertical state regulation of tariffs. After the tariff someone must monitor to profitability has been laid at least 10%. Now in each village different base rate. For example, in the capital, water costs 1.60 cents per cubic meter, while in Berdyansk 10 hryvnia 1 cu. In Berdyansk pay 100% of the cost, and in Kiev, only 30% and the rest is paid by the state, that is, residents of other regions of the country. Therefore, in Kiev, treatment facilities are in the disaster, and if the water is worth at least 5 or 7 hryvnia, then would the money go to development and reconstruction.
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