Under Kiev built cottage community for students

26.07.2010 10:52
Articles about real estate | Under Kiev built cottage community for students The State Administration of Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district plans to build a cottage camp for the summer holidays Kiev children.

This is the chairman of the regional administration, Vladimir Lutsyuk. According to him, in the houses with all facilities can be accommodated 300-400 students per shift and only up to 3000 children from 8 to 16 years for a season.

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As stated Lutsyuk in the region developed and implemented a special program of rehabilitation and recreation of children of Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district for 2009-2013. "In the summer recreation for children in the district budgeted 500,000 hryvnia, and we need much more - about 2 million - he said. - So seek out and attract funds from various sources." In particular, to finance the project cottage for school district administration plans to work with the international organization "Ukraine-Poland-Germany and the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky organization of the Party of Regions.

In addition, Lutsyuk said that district administration draws to cooperate in organizing children's summer holidays territorial community, some village councils (who have already adopted their program of rehabilitation and recreation), as well as charitable organizations, foundations, regional structures.

"Together in mid-July we were able to improve the already 2,201 children's area - said Lutsyuk. - Until the end of summer vacation planning vacation is about 4 thousand."

According to him, special attention is paid to children of privileged categories. So this year has improved their health more than 120 orphans and children deprived of parental care, 28 children with disabilities, 205 children from large families and poor families.

However, Vladimir Lutsyuk stressed that today the situation in camps for the rest of children in Kyiv region is far from ideal. According to him, out of 60 recently functioned institutions such appointment in the Kiev region today operates under a third.

"We have a heritage in the area we got just inside the camp" Gorbovitskaya whip. "Three years running around the place were political battles, which prevent complete its full reconstruction.

We camp on a balance of district education department and the possibility of his recovery and sharing as a recreation center for the 70 orphans who were under the care fund "Father's House", "- said the head of the Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district. Lutsyuk emphasized that the children of Kyiv region today is very necessary health, profiles and tented camps, its own sports and health resorts.

In this case, the child will be close and it always will be visiting, the cost of summer holidays for children will be reduced as they will reorganize in familiar climatic conditions. Also during the summer in the new camp can be healed to 300 children from neighboring countries. Children from other countries will be interesting to share experience, views on life and information probresti new friends.
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