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21.06.2011 16:45
Articles about real estate | Unattainable Earth Cherkasy Catching the trend of growth in demand for public land, the officials immediately complicated the process of foreclosure.

Land Administration Cherkassy city council developed a new Regulation on the procedure of land plots under municipal ownership of real estate. As told to "DS" senior specialist sales management Irina Slyusar, paper complicates the acquisition of holdings to tenants. Now it is sufficient to obtain the approval of land administration and City Council consent.

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But after the adoption of provisions of businessmen have put questions to the meeting of the City Council twice. First, they must obtain a permit members to buy land and make an advance payment - up to 20% of the normative and monetary evaluation of allotment, which will be used for conducting peer review of land. And then the deputies to get another resolution: to acquire land for the sum specified in the expert evaluation. "The whole documentary process will take more than three months", - says Irina Slyusar.

Right to buy land for its facilities and non-residents will be that provided by the Land Code of Ukraine. The document also spelled out procedures for selling parts of businesses that have expired, the lease of land under the building but the building itself were in operation. However, for this object owner must apply to the City Council three times: first to get permission to land acquisition in hindsight, and after a standard procedure to go buy the leased land, provided above. "To approve the plan document before the end of June. If the deputies will support our initiative before the end of the year we hope to attract to the city coffers from the sale of land twice as much than in 2010 - about 27 million USD. "- Say the developers Regulations.

The head of the regional branch of the State Committee for Regulatory Policy in the Cherkassy region, Nikolai Papusha notes that this year seen a sharp increase in the number wanting to buy plots for commercial real estate, which is associated with a threefold increase in 2010, regulatory and monetary value of the land.

"To avoid paying high rents, many businessmen have decided to buy the land. However, local authorities immediately wanted to complicate the procedure, which suggests the idea of ??corruption ", - he said. His opinion is shared by the entrepreneurs. According to head of Cherkassy city union "Solidarity" Olga Cancer to get the allotment of land hindsight, businesses need to collect a huge amount of information and coordination, which takes about three to four years.

"This procedure is complicated and incomprehensible" - she complains. However, more entrepreneurs will be more difficult to get approval for the purchase of Deputies of land, especially after the applicant will make an advance payment and receive the results of expert evaluation. "We have been precedents when making their businesses expect the issue on the agenda for years. Naturally, this opens up opportunities for MPs bribery "- summarized by Ms. Rakov.

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